Social media addition

Chloe Staples , Photo Editor

The Cathedral Catholic High School Dean’s Office recently created an Instagram account to help students receive necessary information through a new platform.

“Email is not always the most effective, and based on my kids’ experiences, Instagram, seems to be the go-to social media tool,” assistant Dean of Students Mrs. Kathy McIntosh said.

Mrs. McIntosh, the creator and manager of the Instagram account @cchsdeanofstudents, hopes the new addition will create a new and useful way to communicate with students.

“We want to communicate with students by giving them informational updates about things that are going on,” Mrs. McIntosh said. “We want to give reminders like ‘wear liturgy clothes tomorrow,’ ‘‘there’s a football game tonight,’ and more.”

According to Mrs. McIntosh, parents find the account useful because they get to see what is going on CCHS during the day, and it allows parents to get notifications about liturgies, sports, and school events.

“We actually have a lot of parents that follow the page because it helps them stay connected,” Mrs. McIntosh said. “I think students were a little hesitant at first because they think we’re spying on them, which we’re not. If you don’t want us to follow you, not a problem, but we would like you to follow us so that we can get the information out.”