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GUTS: Olivia Rodrigo’s New Album & Popularity

Olivia Rodrigo: The musician/actress who just released the album Guts.
People Magazine
Olivia Rodrigo: The musician/actress who just released the album Guts.

Musician Olivia Rodrigo has been catching eyes for a while now, with her acting debut in 2015. She took up a more music-based career in 2021, when her first studio album, Sour, came out. This album was a hit, winning various awards such as Grammy Award for Best Pop Vocal Album, People’s Choice Award for Favorite Album, and others. She announced her second studio album, Guts, on June 26, 2023. But people have been wondering whether or not this album will be as popular as her previous one, and, how is her transition going from being predominantly an actress to now, a singer?

At just 20 years old, Olivia has hit the level of popularity that most musicians don’t hit until much later in their careers. With her first album being a massive success, many have assumed that her second album will have similar results. Although both albums’ top genres are pop, her new album Guts has a more “alternative rock” approach that could appeal to a new demographic. Many people who listened to the album recently were extremely fond of her new vibe in the songs. 

Cathedral Catholic student, Lucy Hetherington ‘26, was also very keen on the new album. Lucy has listened to both albums and would consider herself an Olivia Rodrigo fan, or a ‘Livie.’ “I really like the change in pace, I think it has already done very well,” says Hetherington. 

When asked what she thinks about the new appearance of a rock genre in the songs, she says, “I actually like Guts more than Sour, because I think the rock style is more my vibe right now.” Many share that same sentiment as these new songs feel more cohesive with current trends and pop culture.

Even at a young age, Olivia has always been somewhat known in the music industry on account of her appearance on Disney’s High School Musical: The Musical: The Series. But now that she has taken music up more predominantly than acting, will her popularity continue to grow? Despite her music career still being generally new, she has gained a shocking amount of fans for the amount of time she has been at it. 

This is a huge achievement for a musician at the mere age of 20. It is anticipated that she will continue to shine in her music career, especially while she continues exploring new genres and finding what works best for her. With every genre she makes music in, she will only attract other fans who express interest in those music types. 

A textbook example of this genre-jumping technique is Taylor Swift. Her transition from country, pop, alternative rock, and folk music has brought in fans from all over and contributed to her massive fan base. This is why we can expect Olivia’s popularity to rise throughout her career, especially with her already popular acting background.

Fans agree that Olivia has already come so far throughout her career.  Many people around the world are excited to see what else she releases and to see other people’s input on her music styles. Let’s see if she will win more notable awards, and, most of all, thrive within the music industry.

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About the Contributor
Carlin Fretwell
Carlin Fretwell, Staffer
Carlin Fretwell is a sophomore student attending Cathedral Catholic and an aspiring journalism student. She is excited to create content for the El Cid and contribute to the growing community that is the journalism class. Carlin enjoys going to the beach, hanging out with friends, and sailing at the Mission Bay Yacht club. As a member of the Sailing team for CCHS she is very involved with the community. Carlin has a passion for writing and cannot wait to express it and share it with the world through El Cid.

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