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Harbaugh Family Dominance

Mae Kordas
This year has started off great for the Harbaugh family with a National Championship win, but is not over yet because a Super Bowl win might be on the way.

The Harbaugh family is one of the most successful families in football history, especially after this last year. The sons are the OG brothers of the NFL, and their dad served as a role model for their football careers. The eldest brother, John, just secured the top seed in the AFC with the Baltimore Ravens and is set to have a successful Super Bowl run. Jim, just a year younger, just won the 2024 College Football Playoff as the head coach for the Michigan Wolverines. Jack, John, and Jim have left a lasting legacy in the NFL and they aren’t done yet.

John Harbaugh has been the Ravens head coach for 16 seasons. His tenure has been a resounding success, having beaten his brother in the 2012 Super Bowl. John and Jim were the first brothers to be head coaches in the NFL and play each other in the Super Bowl. Many fans considered it the “Harbowl”. 

Long before serving as the head coach for Michigan, Jim Harbaugh was the Wolverines’ starting quarterback. He led them to a Rose Bowl berth and was a Heisman trophy finalist and named Big Ten Player of the Year. After graduating, he played in the NFL for 14 years. During his playing career, Harbaugh played for the Bears, Colts, Ravens, Chargers, Lions, and Panthers. Harbaugh began his head coaching career at the University of San Diego and followed that with an appointment as the head coach at Stanford. His most successful seasons, however, came with the San Francisco 49ers and Michigan Wolverines.

However, his desire to stay at Michigan for the upcoming season is unclear. Coming off a successful last few years, many believe it’s time for him to bring his coaching talents back to the NFL. His next destination could be the Chargers, Falcons, Raiders, or Commanders. Controversy has surrounded the Michigan football program due to sign stealing allegations earlier in the season, but with a National Championship victory, it clearly didn’t affect Harbaugh’s success this year.

John and Jim were part of the football community from the very beginning of their lives. Their dad Jack, played for Bowling Green State and then went on to play one year in the NFL. He started his coaching career at Western Kentucky University and won the 2022 NCAA Division 1-AA football championship as head coach. During the University of Michigan sign stealing this last year, head coach Jim had to be suspended for three games. He appointed his dad to become the assistant coach during that period because he had full trust that his dad could implement his coaching style. He stayed on staff the rest of the season and supported his son on his road to the national championship. He is a huge role model for his boys and paved the way for their successful football careers. 

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About the Contributor
Mae Kordas
Mae Kordas, Staffer
Hi, I am Mae Kordas and I am super exited to be part of the journalism staff this year. I am a part of hallway interviews, and enjoy writing articles on campus news, sports, and world events. I thing journalism is important and can be used to recognize people in our school, and community for their successes and accomplishments. In my free time, I enjoy playing volleyball, going to the beach, and baking.

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