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Where is Kate Middleton?

Adrianna Elsass
Sofia Bravo, 10th grade, watches Kate Middletons shocking and sad cancer announcement video.

Whether you look on TikTok, News Outlets or Instagram, conspiracies regarding the Princess of Wales, Kate Middleton’s whereabouts, health, and safety have become an Internet conspiracy. Leaving many questioning, where is Kate Middleton?

It all began on January 17th when the first alert from Kensington Palace announced that Middleton was being hospitalized while she recovered from abdominal surgery. 

In the few following weeks while she was hospitalized, Brits, royals, and the media sent her support towards a speedy recovery. After Kate was released a second announcement came our reporting that she wouldn’t return to official royal duties until after Easter. 

On February 9th the palace shared a statement that Kate was “making good progress”. As the 70-day recovery period went by, speculations began to arise about her whereabouts because of her large public absence. Those speculations morphed into several conspiracies.

Conspiracies included a divorce from her husband after a so-called “cheating scandal”, her being in a coma after surgery complications, and theorizing that instead of abdominal surgery, she got plastic surgery. The list goes on and on, however, the list grew even longer when she was allegedly seen in public. 

On March 10th Middleton broke her silence with a portrait of herself and her three children. Within hours the portrait was pulled after news agencies like The Associated Press claimed the picture was digitally manipulated. According to ET Kate admitted to editing the photo and was extremely sorry. 

A day later, Kate and William, The Prince of Wales, were photographed together in their car but the media wasn’t buying it saying “it looked nothing like her.”

Photographed once again, Kate and her husband William were seen at a local farm shop together. This public outing however stirred up more controversy, and many claim that this was Kate’s double pretending to be her for the public eye. 

The latest update, on March 22 has come as a huge shock to the princess herself and the media. She has been diagnosed with cancer and will begin chemotherapy to treat it. After the news broke, the media rushed to send apologies and condolences to Kate during a traumatic time. 

Many were unsure of Kate’s health and well-being and those were right, that she was dealing with more than what was being expressed to the media.

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About the Contributor
Adrianna Elsass
Adrianna Elsass, Staffer
Adriana Elsas was born in Virginia then moved to San Diego, California when she was 6, and is currently a sophomore. Adriana has played soccer for 10 years and is a member of Cathedral Catholic’s girl's soccer team. In her free time, Adriana enjoys being with family and friends and going to the gym. Adrianna likes to write and she is excited to use her skills in her first year in journalism! She sees herself majoring in journalism and even having a career in it.

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