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The LeBron vs. Jordan GOAT Debate

 Who is the greatest of these two legends? Basketball greats LeBron James and Michael Jordan are competing for the title of GOAT. The debates are heated and touch on statistics and victories. Interested in diving into this debate? Go to to learn more!
Lebron V Jordan
Matthew Schilling, Writer • May 23, 2023

Basketball fans, commentators, and specialists have been attracted by the continuous discussion over the greatest of all time (GOAT) for decades....

Manny Machado expresses his anger toward teammate Fernando Tatis Jr. after a rough game in 2021.
Padres Key’s to Success
Holden Smith, Writer • May 18, 2023
Senior Olivia Harvey targets Marissa Smith to eliminate her from the traditional senior game. Read more about the face behind the madness, guidelines, and how this game has impacted the dynamic between seniors at CCHS.
No Floaty, No Mercy
Sofia Mah, Staffer • September 28, 2023

Watch your back to survive the intense traditional senior game. The senior water game was created in 1982 and has been loved for generations...

CCHS cheerleaders Brooke Lewis ‘24, Julia Walton ‘24, and Mikey Black ‘24 smile from the sideline at the 2022-2023 Senior Night. Next year, these athletes will have to adjust to significant changes to the program and work hard to fulfill the season’s new theme: Be a star!
The Cheer Program is Ready to Shine
Sarah Brown, Co- Editor in Chief • May 25, 2023

The Cathedral Catholic Cheer Team is making fundamental changes for the upcoming 2023-2024 season. Some of these include weightlifting sessions...

Journalism students Kelli Jackson (right) and Arabella Cassidy (left) enjoy two Erewhon smoothie classics: Coconut Cloud and Strawberry Glaze.
Erewhon: Is it Functional or Just Trendy?
Kelli Jackson, Writer • May 23, 2023

Erewhon has taken the social media world by storm. The trendy look of the food and drinks have inspired influencers and celebrities to boost...

Suka Falo: The Unsung Hero of Cathedral
Suka Falo: The Unsung Hero of Cathedral
Hagan Ward, Writer • May 23, 2023

I’ve asked myself numerous times over the past 4 years this same question over and over. What truly makes somebody a Don? Over time, I’ve...

Peñas self-portrait that won the Presidents award. This work is highly regarding and was admired by CCHS students during the Art Show.
The Talents of the CCHS Art Show
Brooke Johnston-Quirarte, Social Media Editor • May 26, 2023

May 17th was Cathedral Catholic High School’s (CCHS) annual Student Art Show, an event that students...

A photo of Riverdale’s “core four” characters: Archie Andrews, Betty Cooper, Jughead Jones, and Veronica Lodge. Behind the main characters and their close friends, Kevin, Cheryl Blossom, and Katty Kay,
OPINION: Reality behind the “Riverdale” series
Elle Brennan, Writer • May 25, 2023

First debuted on January 26, 2017, “Riverdale” is a TV series that has been growing its popularity...

This year has been an eventful one full of new experiences, from new theaters to international travel! But it’s not over yet, with Broadway San Diego Awards coming up next Sunday.
The End?
Chase Stern, Writer • May 23, 2023

The 2022-23 Drama year has been one full of surprises, curveballs, new opportunities and great things!...

Mary, the mother of Jesus, is someone we can pray to for guidance and love.
Why Do We Pray To Mary?
Annelise Motto, Staffer • May 26, 2023

Do Catholics Pray to Mary? May is the month of celebrating and honoring Mary in the Catholic Church....

The Pope’s Exorcist is one of the two demonic movies that is currently streaming on Amazon Video.
Two Demonic Movies To Watch or Not Watch This Summer
Annelise Motto, Staffer • May 26, 2023

"Nefarious" "Nefarious" is currently in theaters now and runs about one hour and thirty minutes. This...

Teddy Howell, the 9 year old podcast creator dressed up as a priest, his dream occupation. This young third grader describes how when he grows up, he wants to be like Schmitz and be a priest at his local church in Michigan.
Teddy Howel’s Creation of the “Kids Bible of the Year”
Elle Brennan, Staffer • May 18, 2023

Annelise Motto, a CCHS Staffer, wrote an article about the “Superman of Priests”, Fr. Mike Schmitz. In...

Zoey Ronco ‘24 pictured with a Pinterest board of homecoming dresses that fit the new dress code. Female students must make the change from traditionally short dresses to maxi and midi lengths.
Past the Knee, Bend the Knee
Hong-An Phan, Editor • September 20, 2023

In a fashionable manner, students of Cathedral Catholic High School are yet again astonished by the increasingly...

During Red Ribbon Week, students are able to experience various activities that promote community and love. On this day, a petting zoo came onto campus, and students spent time with cute animals!
Why are CCHS Students Stripped of a Health Class?
Brooke Johnston-Quirarte, Social Media Editor • May 26, 2023

The San Diego Union High School District (SDUHSD) requires a health class for all incoming students....

Speaker McCarthy’s proposal to raise the debt ceiling includes work requirements for recipients of Medicaid. This could disproportionately affect people with disabilities, the impoverished, minority racial groups, and caretakers. How will this go over in the houses of Congress? What does this look like for typically American households?
Are Work Requirements for Medicaid Worth It? (Opinion)
Sarah Brown, Co- Editor in Chief • May 26, 2023

Last month, many members of the House voted to require work requirements in order to be eligible for...

Boasting over one hundred clubs CCHS is advertised as a school where student creativity and leadership runs the show. But as many students know, this club system has lacked in many regions and held little to no standing on campus for years-but why?
Why does it Feel Like Clubs do Nothing?
El Cid Staff, Writer • May 25, 2023

Boasting over 100 clubs, Cathedral seems like the kind of school that would encourage club engagement...

Season 2: Episode 19 Farewell to Fr. Martin
Julianne Cox and Mia Wilson May 23, 2023

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