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The School Newspaper of Cathedral Catholic High School

El Cid

The School Newspaper of Cathedral Catholic High School

El Cid

The School Newspaper of Cathedral Catholic High School

El Cid

Editorial Policy

El Cid will not publish any material deemed libelous, obscene, or in poor taste, in accordance with the Supreme Court’s justified standards. El Cid reserves the right to postpone, edit, or withhold from publication anything submitted that does not meet the Supreme Court’s standards or the expectations of the El Cid editorial staff.

The integrity of any submission will not be altered. However, El Cid reserves the right to correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation when necessary.

El Cid refuses to print criticism that is not constructive, and criticism that lacks factual support.

The student editors and their adviser, Mr. Chris Grazier, approve all content to be published in El Cid. As publisher, Assistant Principal Mrs. Margaret Mauro retains the right to approve or reject all material to be published in El Cid.

El Cid will not intentionally invade the privacy of any person and will make every effort to correctly spell names and make accurate class and position identifications. Accurate reporting is the ultimate goal of the El Cid staff.

Corrections will be printed when mistakes are discovered by, or brought to the attention of the El Cid staff.

Opinionated material will be clearly marked and found on the “Opinions” page, or as designated on other pages including but not limited to columns and reviews.

Opinion editorials, commentaries, reviews, opinion columns and all opinionated material found on El Cid are the expressed opinion of the author of any such article, and not of El Cid and its editorial staff.

Furthermore, opinions conveyed in any El Cid article are not those of Cathedral Catholic High School, its faculty, or its administrative body.

Members of the staff are guided by the Canons of Journalism of the American Society of Newspaper Editors, a code of ethics that outlines the principles of responsibility, fairness, and accuracy.

The El Cid editorial policy reflects these standards of scholastic journalism. The El Cid staff will do our best to uphold our policy at all costs, unless it violates the basic protections of journalists or the freedom accorded all journalists under the state of California.

Letters to the editor can be submitted on through our Google form, or emailed to [email protected].

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Editorial Policy