Upcoming: Baccalaureate Mass!


Sophie Lilis

Students speak upon their moments at Cathedral and what they will take with them to college.

Attention Graduates! The annual senior Baccalaureate Mass is right around the corner, on Friday May 26th.

Why is this a tradition at Catholic schools? This way of reflection is a more intimate ceremony than a commencement. It honors and celebrates the graduating class. This event includes a mass, full of prayers and hymns. Students are given the opportunity to reflect and speak upon their high school and schooling experiences.

It is different from a traditional mass as it brings God before an event and celebrates students as they enter into a new chapter.

What are you supposed to wear? Girls, wear a mass appropriate dress under your graduation gown and comfortable sandals, heels, flats, or boots! Boys, wear button up collared shirts and slacks or khaki pants with dress shoes under your gown!

Families, please join the Cathedral seniors in Manchester Stadium at 5 o’clock pm to celebrate their graduation and help send them off to this new chapter of their lives. Bishop Ramon will be our celebrant for this special event.