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The Student Newspaper of Cathedral Catholic High School

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The Student Newspaper of Cathedral Catholic High School

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Empowering Voices: Youth Activism in Politics

A recent Global Youth Climate Strike in San Diego. Over 3,000 young activists joined to demand action on climate change.

Imagine a school buzzing with energy, where education meets awareness, and every student becomes a more educated and opinionated member of society. Though this might seem unrealistic, adults would be astonished at how much students wish they could be involved in the decisions of tomorrow. It is crucial for high school students to not only understand politics, but also actively engage in their communities.

In a recent article from the United States Institute of Peace, author Matthew Cebul states that “youth participation helps to build broad and inclusive movements, laying the groundwork for success.” When students voice their opinions, governments are forced to recognize the issues that youth feel should be addressed. 

Young adults’ engagement in politics not only empowers them but also gives them a sense of responsibility and encourages them to fight for a better society. When students show a passion for world governments, they directly influence policies that impact them.

It’s also important that the students are given the opportunity to learn about politics in the present. In a recent poll from students of all ages at Cathedral Catholic, over 50% of students felt they were not knowledgeable on the issues of today. 

It’s crucial that students are taught the importance of the present world issues. While history is a vital component of student education, young adults also should be comfortable in the politics of today.

In the same article, Cebul explains, “Civil society organizations and social movements should do more to deliberately recruit young people. This starts by including and prioritizing young people’s goals and aspirations.” It’s important that young adults be allowed to participate in political advocacy because they are the future generation.

Students should fight to build a more just society for themselves and for future generations.For high school seniors especially, voting causes a real-world impact. As they become adults, the decisions they make affect their future, making voting crucial for changing their society. 

When asked, 100% of seniors plan to vote in regular elections as an adult. This highlights the importance of politics in modern day adults because voting ensures their voices are heard and allows students to contribute to their government.

High school students have the opportunity to shape their future and build a better world beyond graduation. So as soon as you turn 18, get out and vote to make your voice heard!

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Pearl Smith
Pearl Smith, Student News Editor
Hi, I’m Pearl Smith and I am a sophomore. I am very passionate about the CCHS community and love learning about everything! I love meeting new people and connecting with people who share their stories and experiences. I enjoy reading, traveling, hanging out with my friends, and dancing. I love journalism because I love learning new things, writing and sharing my opinion and information about important topics, and connecting with unique people/

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