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The Student Newspaper of Cathedral Catholic High School

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The Student Newspaper of Cathedral Catholic High School

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Green is the New Black: The Trending World of Sustainable Fashion

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Thrifting: the new, cool way to shop?

Currently trending, the world of thrifting, recycling, and repurposing clothes has made an appearance in 2024 that is here to stay. Not only is this trend cute and affordable, but is also beneficial for our planet! You may be seeing tons of thrifted outfits being styled on TikTok, specifically the “For You Page,” and not only are people loving these looks but are transitioning to a sustainable lifestyle.

Among teens and young adults, many are going on a weekend outing to the Goodwill bins and thrift markets to showcase unique and vintage style. From throwing on kids’ tops as baby tees to men’s utility jackets for an oversized look, the styling possibilities are endless. This style has taken the world of fashion by storm because of its unique look setting itself apart from every other cookie-cutter fast fashion brand.

Fast fashion is the mass production of trendy pieces at a low cost, bringing them to retail quickly when the demand is at its peak. Fast fashion is negatively affecting our environment due to the cheap textile dies which pollutes the world’s clean water. It has become one of the largest polluters in the world. Well-known retailers like ZARA, Urban Outfitters, Brandy Melville, etc. all participate in the decline of our environment just to quickly produce a trending clothing item that everyone owns. 

On the other hand, thrifting provides an affordable way to find unique clothes that you might not see anyone else currently wearing. Thrifting advocates for slow fashion, a more ethical way to participate in the fashion world. It’s all about recycling, reusing, and giving things that would otherwise be thrown out a new life! 

Not only has the styling of thrifted clothes blown up on social media, but the growth of small businesses that source thrifted clothes has also made a big appearance. Online resale and repurposed vintage clothing have become huge in the fashion industry. The beauty in supporting small businesses and sustainability is something that I hope never fades. Look around, the fashion industry is going green!

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About the Contributor
Sophie Galluccio
Sophie Galluccio, Staffer
Born and raised in San Diego, CA, Sophie is currently a junior at Cathedral Catholic High School. She has always had a passion for communication and trends among her generation. Journalism has allowed her to explore her interests and connect with many different people. Running the school podcast for 2 years, has given her the opportunity to uncover truths and connect with others in a unique way. She loves podcasting because it allows her to not only learn more about others, but also provide a resource for listeners.

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