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The Student Newspaper of Cathedral Catholic High School

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The Student Newspaper of Cathedral Catholic High School

Dons Press

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Counselor Highlight: Mr Stanislaus

Mr. S, our newest counselor on campus and he helps out students in so many ways.

With class registration coming up, students may feel overwhelmed and stressed when it comes to choosing classes that will fit them. Mr. Stanislaus (Mr. S), one of the amazing counselors on campus, gave us some insight as to how he helps our students calm their anxiety about choosing classes. 

Mr. S is our newest counselor on campus and he helps out students in so many ways. He explained: “The starting place is classroom presentations. Education is first. Then they should go home and talk to their parents about it. When stressed about choosing classes, the first thing they should think about is reflection. They should think about having a balance between academics and life.” 

Before coming to Cathedral Catholic High School, Mr. Stanislaus attended Villanova University in Philadelphia. He got his bachelor’s degree in Accountancy and worked as a public accountant for one year before recognizing his passion for helping students. Then, he worked in Student Affairs at a collegiate level before becoming a high school counselor, helping students become leaders, cope with difficulties, and discover their path in life. 

When students come in with a lot of stress, Mr. S Advises them to just come in and talk to him. He informed us of the process that he goes through when helping students choose classes: “We try to talk through the structure to see what stresses them, we then come to a compromise…I try to encourage students to see what they are interested in.” He also asks students if their classes would benefit them and allow them to successfully move forward in their academic journey. 

There have been so many times that Mr. S Has been able to help students in need. An anonymous student shared with us how Mr. S Had helped them overcome their stress and anxiety. This student had just taken their physics final and had unfortunately ended with a grade that was not what they wanted. Filled with tears and anxiety, this student ran over to Mr. S and he was able to calm down the student and told them that everything would be okay and they would still be very successful throughout the rest of the year. 

Class registration can be extremely stressful because it’s important that students take classes that will challenge them, but also allow them to excel. Mr. S does an amazing job of calming the anxiety of choosing the right classes. If anyone ever needs help with classes or just needs someone to talk to, Mr. Stanislaus will always be there to help.

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Liesel Sellerberg
My name is Liesel and I’m a sophomore at CCHS. I am a Staffer at Dons Press and I enjoy writing about sports on campus.
Sofia Durazo
Sofia Durazo, Staffer
I am Sofia Durazo, a sophomore, working as a Staffer for Don’s Press. I enjoy writing about the student life at CCHS. This includes sports, and campus features.

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