The Student Newspaper of Cathedral Catholic High School

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The Student Newspaper of Cathedral Catholic High School

Dons Press

The Student Newspaper of Cathedral Catholic High School

Dons Press

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Meet Mrs. Eppers

Staff photo of Mrs. Eppers

Introducing Mrs. Eppers, one of incredible high school counselors here at Cathedral Catholic High School. Mrs. Eppers provided some insight in regards to her life in and outside of the counseling world and shares how she provides great academic support and guidance to students as they navigate their way through Cathedral.

Mrs. Eppers’s journey to becoming a high school counselor is rooted in her upbringing and experiences abroad. Growing up, her aunt pursued a profession as a highschool counselor for a high school in Riverside, California and she knew that her aunt was extremely fond of her job. She later on attended UCLA and shortly after her graduation from the school, she moved to Rwanda and completed volunteer work, teaching HIV/AIDS education in the school setting. After returning to the states, Mrs. Eppers realized that she had a passion for working in a school environment and talking with young adults. Motivated by her aunt’s career and fueled by her own passion of teaching and connecting with young adults, Mrs. Eppers was influenced to go back to graduate school to become a high school counselor. 

Prior to joining the CCHS community, Mrs. Eppers began her counseling career at a school located in San Francisco called Saint Ignatius College Prep for five years, where she served as a counselor and coached track and field. Drawing from her coaching experience, Mrs. Eppers learned important lessons regarding mentorship and connection, which she integrates into her counseling methods today. She is now entering her seventh year as a counselor at Cathedral and her twelfth year working in the counseling field.

Mrs. Eppers focuses on creating trust and connections with her students, recognizing that many find it daunting to seek out extra support. She wants students to know that they may be “surprised how much better they feel once they go talk with their counselor about whatever they’re facing and in doing so, let some of that air out.” She aims to create a safe, comfortable and non-judgmental space for students to be able to explore their interests, concerns, and challenges.

As a counselor, Mrs. Eppers, collaborates with administrators, other teachers, and other support personnel to provide an all inclusive support system for students. She notices and focuses on the importance of aiding students with their academics and providing kids with academic resources, such as teachers and organization tools. She also addresses the emotional needs of students through partnerships with professionals in the mental health field.

For Mrs. Eppers, this job comes with many rewarding aspects, which mainly includes being “able to witness students’ growth from freshman to senior year.” She cherishes the opportunity to be “on what can feel like a rollercoaster throughout high school, and being able to witness student’s curiosity, confidence and self realization grow as they mature into their own being.”

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About the Contributor
Katy Podstreleny
Katy Podstreleny, Staffer
Katy Podstreleny is a sophomore at Cathedral Catholic High School. Katy is from San Diego, California and has lived there her whole life. She enjoys reporting on current events, sports and school functions. She is on the sideline cheer team for Cathedral and is also does competitive cheer for a program known as the California Allstars.

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