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The Student Newspaper of Cathedral Catholic High School

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Digital Detox: Unplugging for a Positive Mindset

Digital detox is important because it allows us to reclaim our time, focus on real connections, and prioritize mental health.

In a world dominated by screens and technology, the idea of digital detox is a nice escape to many students’ lives. Digital detox, in a sense, is a chance to step back from technology and rediscover the joys of life offline. Whether you’re feeling overwhelmed by school, friends, or family, having opportunities to rewind and reconnect to yourself and the world around you is crucial, especially as young adults. 

A digital detox is defined as the process of removing devices and social media sites such as smartphones, computers, tablets, and televisions. The purpose of a detox is to allow yourself time to experience real life without devices getting in the way.

One benefit of a digital detox is less stress. With countless stressful and overwhelming moments that happen throughout high school, taking a step away from social media allows you to feel calmer and more connected to them. 

Another benefit of a digital detox is the opportunity to prioritize your time. Have you ever felt an overwhelming urge to look at your phone? You are not alone. A study from the Cleveland Clinic Health Essentials discovered that Americans check their smartphones 96 times a day and spend more than two hours on social media. Taking a break from technology allows you to understand what your priorities are and what is most important to you.

An additional benefit of less social media is a chance to have a break from countless negative influences online. Especially as teens, social media gives young adults stress whether it furthers insecurities, triggers feelings of FOMO (fear of missing out), or causes users to strive to achieve unrealistic goals. Allowing yourself to re-experience the real world allows you to understand that you are not alone and that there is beauty in the little things in life.

For many individuals, their relationship with their devices interferes with their priorities and while it may feel overwhelming to have a full 360 life shift, there are small steps you can take to limit some of your daily technology use.

To begin, it’s important to make a plan, whether it’s setting certain times during the day to check your notifications or taking a break from sites for a day or a week at a time. It’s also important to set specific goals. Setting small, attainable goals allows you to slowly make good progress on your journey of easing away from social media and screens. 

I implore all teens this upcoming spring break to set small goals to allow themselves to use their phones a little less and experience the real world a little more.

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About the Contributor
Pearl Smith
Pearl Smith, Student News Editor
Hi, I’m Pearl Smith and I am a sophomore. I am very passionate about the CCHS community and love learning about everything! I love meeting new people and connecting with people who share their stories and experiences. I enjoy reading, traveling, hanging out with my friends, and dancing. I love journalism because I love learning new things, writing and sharing my opinion and information about important topics, and connecting with unique people/

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