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The Student Newspaper of Cathedral Catholic High School

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Beyond the Flame Behind the Burning Man Festival

Nevada Appeal
The Burning Man figure in Black Rock Desert, Nevada. The act of burning the figure is symbolic of the rejection of corporatism and celebration of nature. This year’s figure measured 40 feet in height.

Over Labor Day weekend, the Black Rock Desert in Nevada set the stage for the iconic Burning Man Festival, but when attendees weren’t ready for the unexpected, the weekend turned into a disaster for many. Over 70,000 visitors travel to this rural city in the middle of the desert for the well-known “Burning Man” festival. 

Above is a photo of the campgrounds during the flood. Many people were unable to move their vehicles due to weather conditions. (BBC News)

The Burning Man festival focuses on art, self-expression, and creativity while bringing all attendees together into one community. The event gets its name from the iconic igniting of a 40-foot man near the end of the festival. 

However, this year’s weather had another plan for the festival. On Friday, September 1st, the Black Rock Desert was impacted by a flash flood that forced over 70,000 attendees to shelter in place. The rain soaked all the campsites on Friday, which caused all the dirt to become mud, making it even harder to leave the site. Driving was even banned due to the heavy rain, which caused inconveniences for people because they had planned flights and other responsibilities that they were forced to miss. 

It wasn’t only common festival goers who were stuck. Celebrities like Chris Rock, Diplo, Kelly Gale, Cindy Crawford, Kaia Gerber, and Austin Butler were some of the many to attend, and they were seeking ways to leave the festival early despite the driving ban. Diplo stated on Instagram that he had a show in D.C. that he didn’t want to miss. However, he and Chris Rock walked 6 miles until they were offered a ride by a fan. As for the rest of those stranded, they had to wait until Tuesday when the driving ban had been lifted. 

The main focus of the festival was “green activism,” yet many people discarded their belongings miles away because they were in fear of not being able to get out. As of now, we don’t know what the future holds for Burning Man. Will it come back in 2024?

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About the Contributors
Nikole Egan, Staffer
Niki Egan, a 17 year old senior is someone you will get to know very well on her stories. Her love for volleyball is shown in her 3 years competing on the lady dons cathedral team and her commitment to University of Washington for beach volleyball. Niki loves the beach, boba and pretty much anything she can do with her friends. At Washington she plans to major in Business and Real Estate and hopes to become a Real Estate Agent in the future.
Sofia Bravo, Staffer
Sofia is a first year journalism student and is a sophomore. She is excited to be in this class because of her previous success in freshman year English and passion for writing. She sees herself majoring in Journalism and maybe working at a magazine. In her free time, she likes to dance, run, go shopping, or go to the beach.

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