Dons in an “Empire State of Mind”


Photo by: Katie Cameron '17

Students are looking forward to the rally today.

Sydney Calhoun, Staff Writer

It’s that time of year again. Yes, I’m talking about Prom, spirit week and of course, the rally. ASB has the student body anticipating this week’s events. High School students across the nation have been partaking in legendary “promposals” and rally routines. Cathedral’s students are no exception and have been setting the bar high with a spirit week designed to impress.

“ASB worked together to come up with a spirit week both the student body and the faculty would enjoy,” ASB member Nicole Alldredge’17 said. “We wanted to go along with our Empire State of Mind theme for prom and brainstormed New Jersey Day, Tacky Tourist, Ivy On the East, Liturgy Day, and a Red Out.”

These picks had students rummaging through their closets for Giants jerseys, bucket hats, Hawaiian button-ups and Columbia sweatshirts. Many seniors were excited to represent their future college, and juniors were happy to get that senior privilege for a day.

An all time favorite for students is Tacky Tourist Day. Everyone grabbed their Nikon cameras and khaki shorts. This theme has been included in spirit week annually and had the quad looking like New York City in July.

“My favorite was the jersey day and the college day because you get to see which teams and Universities people support. It’s fun to get into arguments and debates with them,” Nick Giacalone ’17 said.

With every prom week comes a surplus of “promposals.” Cathedral may not have students dressing up as Patrick Dempsey “McDreamy” from Grey’s Anatomy, but they are just as creative. Junior Juan Pablo Woodward’s proposal was Twitter worthy. He had all of CCHS staring in the clouds as a plane flew by with a banner that read, “Gracie, prom? -JPW.”

The liturgy and red out rally were chosen to unite all classes together for a spirited week leaving behind last semester’s incident. After all, this is our house.

“I think doing a red out instead of class colors will definitely settle any tension from the winter rally. I’m excited for the stands to look like the Red Sea,” Helen Rifat ’17 said.

Find your brightest red shirt and come ready to chant, Dons!