The Student Newspaper of Cathedral Catholic High School

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The Student Newspaper of Cathedral Catholic High School

Dons Press

The Student Newspaper of Cathedral Catholic High School

Dons Press

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Profile: Liam Kaseburg

Left to right: Carlin Fretwell, William Kaseburg. Photo taken before 2023 Sears Cup in Lakewood, Texas

Sophomore student Liam Kaseburg is not only a straight-A student, but also an essential part of the Cathedral Catholic community by participating in the sailing program and paving the way for future student athletes trying to find their way through managing their high school careers. 

Kaseburg originally got into sailing as a young child, learning the art of the trade from his Dad, Paul Kaseburg, who was a seasoned sailor and encouraged both of his sons to participate in the sport. His favorite memory of the sport was growing up with the sailing community from the teams and clubs he was a part of and the people he met throughout his journey. He views growing up in the sport as an important part of the bonding of his family, bringing them closer together, as well as a way to build necessary skills for the real world.

When interviewing William, he stated that “consistency is key.” Consistency in both the sport of sailing and life will make you successful. Sticking with things until you’re happy with them. Consistently getting your homework done, studying for tests, roll tacks, and winning the start are all an essential part of how he leads the life he lives. Bruno Fontes, a renowned Brazilian laser sailor shows this consistency and has become Kaseburg’s role model, with dedication in both training inside of the sport and while outside of the sport being something he admires about Fontes. Kaseburg’s success in the sport has shaped him to attempt to incorporate training with his life, and holds the goal to eventually model his training after Fontes. 

Outside of sailing, William Kaseburg is passionate about surfing, photography, and music. He jumps at every opportunity to get out on his board and ride the waves, as well as capturing and editing beautiful photos with great cameras. Kaseburg grew up a musician playing a myriad of instruments and participating in choir in elementary and middle school playing guitar, as well as school issued talent shows. 

Overall a very well rounded individual, William has the dream to attend Notre Dame academy, just as his Mom, Kellie Kaseburg did and become a successful and contributing citizen. 

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Charlie Corney
Charlie Corney, Staffer
Charlie Corney is a sophomore and loves attending Cathedral Catholic High School. She is excited to contribute to the El Cid team for her future years at CCHS. She enjoys hanging out with friends, visiting New York, and going to the beach. She is an English national honor society member and has a passion for reading and writing

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