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The Student Newspaper of Cathedral Catholic High School

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The Student Newspaper of Cathedral Catholic High School

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Opening the Doors to the Holiday Season

Hong-An Phan
Ms. Martinez’s “Christmas Snoopy” and Mr. Weston’s “Die Hard” doors are decked out in holiday spirit on the second floor of Assisi Hall. Classrooms all across campus feature three dimensional decorations, lights, and festive colors in anticipation for the Christmas Door Decorating Contest.

Sparkling lights, vibrant delights, and chilly nights. Christmas is coming and Cathedral Catholic has decked the campus in red and green in anticipation of this beloved holiday. Among many traditions, a classic school-wide activity is cherished by students and teachers alike- the door decorating contest. Hosted by ASB, the event aims to crown four classes in the following categories: best overall, funniest, most creative, and best staff. 

With the decorating contest beginning on Tuesday, November 28th, 7th-period classrooms all across campus have begun their preparations to outdo their competitors. Classes only have five short periods to complete their presentation, with the duration of the event lasting until Tuesday, December 5th. The following Friday, December 8th, is the day the winners will be announced on Cathedral Catholic Television (CCTV).

New teachers are eagerly anticipating the holiday cheer as they approach this competition with excitement and curiosity. Mrs. Martinez, a Journalism, English 2H, and English 3H teacher, shares her thoughts on the school tradition as a new teacher and alumni,

“They did not have [the door decorating contest] back then. If they did, it was not popular… I’m most excited about how steep the competition is going to be- like how aggressive people will go with their doors. I know with our room, we’re trying to go 3D with lights and add as much extra as we can.”

Mrs. Martinez is hopeful that students will find this classroom activity stress relieving from final tests and projects approaching the corner, “It gives them a creative outlet during this stressful time. I’ve been able to see a few of my students just stay during break trying to work on the door and it’s nice to see them have that break and work with other people that they might not normally work with.” 

The creative works of Mrs. Martinez’s English 2H class put together a heartwarming display of Snoopy before the winter scenery. Lights twinkle from the framing of the door, adding a three-dimensional touch to the art. 

Just down the stairs of Assisi Hall, Mrs. DeSantis, AP English Literature and Creative Writing teacher, has a scene displayed from the holiday classic, Elf. The narwhal of the North Pole exclaims, ‘Take a sELFie!’ encouraging engagement and interaction from passing students.

As a first-time participant, Mrs. DeSantis explains her thoughts as a teacher who now has the experience of decorating her classroom door for the first time in her CCHS career, “I think it was fun to see students be creative and artistic in ways outside of English. I think it’s something fun to do because it’s a different way to build community in the classroom.” 

This past Friday, ASB announced the winners on Episode 16 of CCTV. Mr. Werstler’s Scooby-Doo-themed door won Most Creative, students can view the elaborate decorations from both the door and the windows at Assisi Hall 204; Ms. Gonzalez’s “gripped Santa” poster won Funniest and can be seen at Cabrini Hall 105; the Tech Team’s “Tech The Halls” won Best Staff/Admin Door in the Academic Center; and Mrs. DasGupta’s “Doncracker” door won Best Overall in Drexel Hall 211.

In an interview with ASB, Mrs. DasGupta explained, “We all worked hard. It was a group effort.” Lights frame the elaborate display that extends beyond the vibrant door- it is clear that the classroom collaborated and worked hard to earn their title.  

Competition aside, the CCHS Door Decorating Contest will remain a beloved tradition on campus. It is an opportunity for classmates and teachers to come together and make lasting memories that will be treasured for future holidays to come. Even with the chill in the air, the Cathedral Catholic remains warm by the colorful doors hand-decorated with love.  

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Hong-An Phan
Hong-An Phan, Editor in Chief
Native to San Diego, Hong-An Phan is a Co- Editor in Chief for Dons Press. After three consecutive years as part of the staff, Hong-An is looking forward to writing compelling articles that connect and touch many. She hopes that her craft excites those around her and sparks a curiosity about the world around them. Outside the walls of her Journalism III Honors classroom, Hong-An can be found trying new food places, shopping with her friends, cooking fusion foods with her sister, or reading a book from her collection of 90+ novels that she is very proud of.

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