“Every Not so White Lie George Santos Told”


Many outlets call out George Santos for extreme fabrications in his resume that invalidate his position. He lied about past careers, schooling, charities, funds, and even his ancestry and family to name a few.

With a stellar background, including graduating from Baruch College and job experience working at Goldman Sachs and Citigroup, it wasn’t difficult for voters to root for newly elected congress member George Santos. But upon further inspection, the members’ once impressive history began to peel back and reveal hundreds of lies.

On December 19 The New York Times revealed that Santos had done more than slightly exaggerate on his resume. Facts from his past from small details to huge events were found to be complete fabrications, forming a staggering list of reasons to not trust the congressman.

Even the animal rescue charity he proudly advertised seemed to be non-existent when no records were found of ever being registered.

The funds he used to further his campaign were suspicious, as he lent his campaign 700,000 dollars but failed to mark that large loans from personal funds were used in filings with the Federal Election Commission. Many have said that even outside of his lies, Santos loses a lot of credibility based solely on how bad his management of records is.

They do say you are who you’re around, and Santos proves that quite well as all the congressman’s past careers have been with companies notorious for using schemes and tricks for profit. For example, Santos cites that he worked at a firm called Harbor City Capital, a firm that was revealed to be a Ponzi Scheme that stole 17 Million dollars from its own investors.

Even years before his political aspirations began Santos was tricking those around him. Court records in Brazil show that he was charged with stealing a checkbook from a man his mother was working for and using said checkbook to write fraudulent checks. He is also recorded for theft, specifically of a Burberry scarf.

The list continues, as almost every single element of what he ran for Congress on in the first place was revealed to be a lie or exaggeration of some kind. His Jewish Identity that he emphasized heavily during his campaign was also under fire when no evidence was found of Jewish heritage by a number of outlets. These findings are especially shocking as he claimed his family members died during the holocaust and proudly called himself “an American Jew” to sympathize with voters.

On the same note of falsified heritage, Santos additionally claimed that he was Ukrainian on his mothers side. Which again was found to be false along with his lies of Jewish heritage.

He also writes of many different times his mother “died”, changing his story from her dying during the attacks of 9/11 to her passing after a battle with cancer. Information soon came out that his mother was not even in the country on September 11 2001.

His ethics are also in question alongside his experience. Santos has been accused of pocketing the 3,000 dollars raised in a GoFundMe to provide surgery to a dying service dog. Another blow to the animal rights activist front he tried to create through his non-existent animal rescue shelter.

It has also been stated that he proposed to his now husband before he properly divorced from his previous wife, but has chosen to brush over the immoral act by saying that he was still finding himself. He has also aggressively denied the accusations that he participated in drag while at a festival, despite photo evidence.

More offensive than his actions, his denial of an identity so many people in the LGBTQ community find comfort in is polarizing. Even more explicitly he has aligned with policies such as the Don’t Say Gay Bill in Florida.

A list of mistakes so staggering like this one could easily run a political figure out of office but in Santos’ Case that chain of events doesn’t seem to be occurring. Little change has been seen yet, despite sources’ airing of evidence about his falsified resumes.

“I was elected by 142,000 people. Until those same 142,000 people tell me they don’t want me, we’ll find out in two years” says Santos in an interview on the podcast “Bannon’s War Room”. Santos is firm in the fact that he will not resign from his position outside of stepping down from a couple committees (Small Business Committee and the Science and Technology Committee).

An anticlimactic ending like this one is something that has left voters shocked at how little is done after such blatant fraud in a campaign and in politics generally. But if nothing can be done about Santos in the near future, these accusations can be present in voters minds when they decide who to vote into office next time.