The Bathroom Crisis Continues



Outside the downstairs Assisi bathrooms a sign out sheet is posted for students entering the bathroom. This new measure was taken today to try and stop the vandalism in the bathrooms.

On May 12, Principal Conroy shared an urgent message on the loudspeaker. In her statement regarding the bathroom crisis, she communicated the only bathrooms that will remain open are downstairs Drexel and Assisi.

A few weeks prior, Principal Conroy spoke during the morning announcement to explain to students that some of the bathrooms were being shut down due to the extent of the vandalism. In this message, she urged students to put an end to the vandalism in the bathrooms.

In today’s morning announcement, Principal Conroy shared that the vandalism within the bathrooms in the past 48 hours was so excessive that only two bathrooms will be available to students, and are being closely monitored. 

Outside the bathrooms, faculty and staff are posted outside with sign in sheets that record each student that enters the bathroom.

To put an end to the vandalism within the bathrooms, teachers are asking students to please come forward and share anything they know about the identities of the students responsible.