El Cid staff announces new editor-in-chief

Alianna Torres, Features Editor

The editor-in-chief position for the Cathedral Catholic High School’s student newspaper, El Cid, will be passed on to third-year journalism student, Shea Linnehan ‘21, for the 2020-2021 school year. 

For the past two years, Linnehan worked as the sports editor, devoting countless hours updating Twitter, writing pre and post game briefs in a time crunch, and capturing sports in action on and off campus. 

“Writing and following sports has always been a passion for myself, and El Cid offered me the ability to do what I enjoyed when I enrolled in the class my sophomore year,” Linnehan said. “Sports have always been important to me and I am glad to cover the sports section for El Cid and participate as a student-athlete myself at Cathedral Catholic.”

In the next year Linnehan hopes to lead El Cid with integrity as he takes over the head position in the newsroom. El Cid’s current editor-in-chief, Cole Hume ‘20, is passing the torch to someone he has mentored and worked side-by-side with for the past two years. 

“Shea gets things done,” Hume said. “He is great at planning ahead. When someone is managing a paper, there are quite a few priorities, and Shea will definitely be able to manage those tasks while being a great leader.” 

Linnehan is set on making his last year on El Cid a memorable one for his staff as well as for the school. 

“Next school year, I aspire to help El Cid earn its fourth consecutive Sno Distinguished Site award,” Linnehan said.  “I also hope to help the editing staff with their writing pieces and leave El Cid in a better place than I found it.”