Early risers of CCHS

Olivia Palombo, Assistant Multimedia Editor

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Cathedral Catholic High School students Viviana Morales ‘21, Melanie De La Rosa ‘21, and David Huerta ‘21 share one common activity: taking the bus to and from campus. Residing in neighborhoods far from campus, the students endure a much more arduous schedule than other CCHS students. Being three of the earliest risers on campus, they get limited sleep and less time to do school work, after school sports, and activities. Getting up early and staying late after school is just scratching the surface of their daily journeys. These three students make many sacrifices to attend CCHS, including spending less time with family and friends, sleeping fewer hours, and arriving home late. Their parents also must start work earlier in the morning so they are available to pick up their student from the bus stop. The sacrifices and hard work that have been put in by these three students are sure to pay off through future opportunities and getting to attend a school where friends become family.

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