Hurricane Harvey help

Lauren Boyer, News Editor

When Hurricane Harvey bore down recently on the Texas gulf coast, Cathedral Catholic High School student Maksil Lorenzo ’19 grew concerned about his relatives living in Lone Star state.

Turns out, not only was Lorenzo’s family members thankfully spared too much pain and suffering, but they also assisted in recovery efforts, even saving local wildlife.

“One of my cousins even saved a squirrel stuck in a tree,” Lorenzo said.

Despite the efforts by Lorenzo’s family and other brave Texans, Hurricane Harvey still destroyed more than 100,000 homes and killed at least 70 people, earning it the title of one of the worst storms in American history.

And as often happens when disasters strike, the CCHS community sprung into action.

Hearing of the category-4 hurricane’s disastrous effects, CCHS parents and alumni contacted the CCHS main office to express concern and offer suggestions on how the Dons community could help with the storm aftermath.

Soon after concerns were voiced, The National Catholic Educational Association (NCEA) contacted CCHS President Mr. Stevan Laaperi and other national diocesan leaders to initiate a nationwide collection called “Student to Student Campaign.”

As part of the campaign, NCEA and Catholic school leaders asked students to contribute a dollar to help the Diocese of Galveston in Houston, with 100 percent of the proceeds designated for the rebuilding, reopening, and re-enrolling of Houston-area Catholic schools, according to a NCEA email.

As part of local efforts, Mr. Laaperi, campus ministry teachers, and the CCHS Associated Student Body enticed students to donate $1 to the cause by allowing students to wear spirit dress if they donated money.

In the end, CCHS raised nearly $4,100.

“This donation is part of our mission and ministry to serve others,” NCEA Thomas Burnford said.

“I helped 10 more times then I have to [as] every penny counts, ” said CCHS student Mimi Cleary ’19, who donated $10 last Tuesday.

The nearly $4,100, along with thousands of prayers, will benefit the Diocese of Galveston and its students. Although the repair timeline remains fluid stands, CCHS helped make it just that much closer.

The total rainfall from Hurricane Harvey mainly affected Texas and Louisiana. However, what onlookers cannot see is the damage and the impacted livelihoods of local citizens. 

As part of CCHS’s mission and ministry, a minute of silent prayer on Tuesday at 11 p.m. happened school-wide.

“It’s part of our school and faith mission to help people in need, even if we don’t plan to,” Dean of Mission and Ministry Ms. Alison Purpera said.

It is help the Lorenzo family and Texas wildlife is sure to appreciate.