The World As We Know It: Top 5 Craziest Conspiracy Theories About Scalia’s Death


Stephen A. Masker

Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia’s untimely passing prompted some unlikely theories about the cause of his death.

Tommy Lyle Temple, Staff Writer

Supreme Justice Antonin Scalia died Sunday, Feb. 14 from “natural causes.” I only put this in quotations because of the crazy and wacky conspiracy theories coming out of the black hole we call the Internet.

Here are the top five conspiracy theories about Antonin Scalia’s untimely death.

Number 5: The Clintons Want to Clear Their Names

A blogger, who goes by the name saboteur365, has conjured up the idea that the Clintons orchestrated the murder of Supreme Justice Scalia. Saboteur365 believes the Clintons did this to clear their name from the email scandal. He believes that the Clintons murdered Scalia because with Scalia’s vote in the Supreme Court, Hillary Clinton would have been indicted.

This blogger has the tainted view that the Supreme Court can vote on lawsuits. The Supreme Court can not do this because they decided to not have hearings on any of the presidential candidate’s wrong doings.

Number 4: Former Vice President Dick Cheney Hunts Scalia For Sport

Another blogger has proposed that Dick Cheney, former Vice President under the Bush administration, hunted down Scalia for sport. He gives no reason for why Cheney would do this other than the reason that “Cheney got bored of hunting animals.” This theory definitely deserves a spot on this list.

Number 3: 9/11 and George Bush

Another conspiracy theorist Jack Cashill believes that former president George Bush killed Scalia to protect the fact that he was behind 9/11. Cashill believes Bush killed Scalia to stop him from coming out and telling the public about his wrong doings. In other words, Cashill believes that Bush killed Scalia to cover up another conspiracy theory.

Number 2: The Heart Destroyer

A Christian news site called TruView said that the CIA used their top secret heart attack gun to kill Scalia. This “news site” also explained how the gun works. They said that it fires a microscopic dart that can penetrate clothes and when it breaches the skin it releases a toxin causing the victim to have a heart attack.

After the victim was killed, the dart would disintegrate, leaving no trace of it ever being there. It would only leave a small red dot, which would rarely be detected in an autopsy.

The organization gave no reason for why the CIA did this, only that they wanted to test the gun.

Number 1: Mr. Spock Returns

The craziest belief of all is by far the belief that Mr. Spock, played by the late Leonard Nimoy, is actually alive and faked his death to become the rightful leader of the Illuminati. The belief has been conjured up by the Hard Dawn theorists.

They believe that Mr. Spock and the Illuminati are extremely liberal and killed Scalia in order to take over the Supreme Court with their own Illuminati member. These people also believe that President Barack Obama is part of the Illuminati and is helping them to further their agenda to take over the world.