Fr. Greg Boyle’s Homies


Ella Bloom

Father Greg Boyle and his homies from the Homeboy Industry share their stories to students of CCHS Dons Press.

This week, students and staff at CCHS got a deeper look into the impact Fr. Boyle’s industry has had, and we got to hear the stories from two members of the Homeboy program. As their stories are not something we can relate to, it is vital to hear them so we can understand the importance of what Fr. Greg Boyle does, and opens our eyes as to how we can help others.

When Homeboy was founded in 1988, support from the community was slight, experiencing hate mail from law enforcement, death threats, and bomb threats. But that didn’t stop Fr. Greg from using his gifts to change the lives of people in need of it most, even when the first ten years were “hostile, hostile.”

Jose has been a part of the program for many years and has found his passion for the Art Academy. His mom was killed and he was left with his three sisters to survive. Unfortunately he was in and out of prison until he found Father Greg and has been a part of the program ever since. He is now going to become the youth navigator and he works in the art and drawing program for younger kids at Homeboy. Jose recently adopted his niece and said that it has helped to “ground him.” He said that “knowing I cannot make mistakes that I have done in the past again.” Homeboy changed his life and kept him away from bad things and dangerous paths.

Joshua just recently joined Homeboy two months ago. He was a drug addict and was in prison for ten years. He has been sober for two months now and says it is his “greatest accomplishment.” Joshua is grateful for the opportunity of telling his story and to inspire people to be able to come back from the mistakes they have made.

Fr. Boyle says not all people join the Catholic Church, but all are encouraged to be faithful and to stay true to themselves. That is what we are called to inspire as Catholics. Bringing people to believe in themselves, in hopes that they are faithful in what they believe. Being stewards of God means we spread the word of God through our words and actions, no matter what people’s relationship with God is. Father Bolye stated that “Cathedral isn’t a place you go to, it is a place you go from.” He calls us to look into the bigger picture and take ideas and knowledge learned, and bring that into your passions and goals. He wants us to use our faith to help those who may not have any. Father Boyle doesn’t “believe in success, but being faithful and non-demonetizing,” and responding to their needs are “concrete.” Fr. Greg is a prime example of this call.

Services provided at the Industry include Art Academy, Case Managers + Navigators, Educational Services, Legal, Mental Health, Solar Panel Training, Substance Abuse Support, Tattoo Removal, and Youth Re-entry. If you’re interested in helping Homeboys, visit There, you can donate and volunteer!