Pray for Those Who’ve Passed


Laurence Goff

Candles were lit to signify the prayers held in the hearts of the loved one’s souls who may be in need of mercy.

On November 2nd, we celebrate All Soul’s Day. A day of remembrance and intercessions for the souls in purgatory. People participate in traditions such as visiting their ancestors’ tombs and lighting candles to signify their souls entering the light of God through prayer.

Today CCHS’ DFL club held a prayer service, inviting all members of the Dons community to remember those they have lost. But why do we pray for people who are dead?

Well, as Catholics we believe life is everlasting in heaven. That your soul never dies. But most souls go into purgatory, a state of purification and temporary punishment for the sins we have not yet repaid. However, as humans on earth we can help those souls who are in need of repaying by offering our Holy Communion and Reconciliation to those souls. Alms-giving is another way to intentionally make a difference in the world for poor souls. We can sacrifice something we love or add a devotion into our day to day lives that brings intentions to them up.

We should pray for these souls as they will one day make it into heaven, where they will pray for us when we enter into purgatory, but most importantly, because we love them. Doing so is a Spiritual Work of Mercy, an act we are called to do to pass on our faith through aiding our neighbors, because it involves the mind, heart, and soul. God gave us the power to aid and benefit other hearts and souls, whether we know them or not because He calls us to do everything out of love, whatever we can do to end suffering.

One of the most popular prayers said on All Soul’s Day is the “Eternal Rest Prayer for the Dead.” It is presented below if you have any loved ones you would like to pray for this month:

“Eternal rest grant unto them, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon them. May their souls and all the souls of the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace. Amen.”

Never forget the power God gives you in prayer and that it truly does make a difference in this world and in heaven!