Behind the Scenes with Fr. Paul


Ella Bloom ’23 and Father John celebrate the end of the Mass of the Holy Spirit. Fr. John spoke about being loved by the Lord our God.

All school mass has been a CCHS tradition since 1957 when Uni first opened. After speaking with current freshman, choir participants, and Father Paul we discovered the sincere impact all school mass has on the Dons community.

Father Paul joined in 2019 when he experienced his very first CCHS all school mass. While his first mass was anxiety inducing, he has now found ways to cope with the fear of preaching to teenagers as he is worried that his message will not be received correctly. To prepare for an all school mass, Father Paul tries his best to recall his past experiences as a teenager and apply them to his homily. He brings those things to prayer, reflects on his choices, and tries to relate to the concerns and struggles of teenagers. When it comes time to preach, Fr. Paul tries, “to cope with what [he] doesn’t like” which includes not being able to convey his message to each and every student. He also tries to remember his calling and speak truthfully from his heart as it is impossible to please everyone.

Jane Breen, a freshman student at Cathedral Catholic High School, described the all school mass as “a strong faith community and coming together as one.” Breen also feels more comfortable about being open with her faith here at Cathedral. Breen says that her favorite part of the mass is the homily and states that “the homily is directed towards the students as it helps her grow closer to God.” She enjoys how there are opportunities for the students to participate and stay engaged.

Cody Doran ’24 is part of the Cathedral Choir and sings at the school masses. Doran stated that she does get nerves sometimes before singing and usually takes “deep breaths” to help calm her down. Doran says that she usually runs through her lines a few times and “hums” the song in her head to get the rhythm. Doran’s favorite song to sing during mass is “Holy Spirit.” She loves the beat and enjoys singing with her friends.

All school mass continues to be an exciting tradition at Cathedral Catholic High School and it is important to recognize that uniting under the presence of God can create a sincere impact within the community. Don’t forget: it’s 10:04 and you are loved!