Airpods Healthy?


Millions of people are constantly using AirPods. But are AirPods healthy for you ears? Learn more on

With the release of Apple’s iconic AirPods back in 2016, they gained a significant following as they are very popular and are a convenient wireless earbud option. However, AirPods may be too good to be true. There have been concerns about the impact AirPods have on hearing health.

A rise in hearing loss among young adults has been connected to the use of personal audio devices, such as AirPods. According to a published study in JAMA Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery, approximately one in four young adults had signs of noise induced hearing loss, which was twice as common in people who used personal audio devices for more than an hour per day, according to the study which examined data from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHanes) from 2011 to 2018. This study didn’t come only from AirPods, but it is very important to note that this was the beginning of it all. Remember that any personal audio device that is used constantly and excessively can lead to hearing loss. This is the case with AirPods too, but Apple designed a built in volume limiter for AirPods that can light the volume at a safe level which can try to help and reduce the risk of hearing problems.

In general, evaluations of AirPods have been favorable due to their comfort and sound quality. They have received compliments for their simple connection, powerful battery life and their cozy fit. Also with AirPods being wireless it provides a hands free functionality, which enables users to quickly make phone calls or listen to music anywhere. Leading to a huge market and many happy customers.

El Cid caught up with a happy AirPods user, “I love AirPods and bumping music in my ears. I have looked into the downsides of AirPods which led me to use them only a couple times a week. I feel like I found a good balance between wearing them and not. Hopefully in the future I don’t have hearing problems because I have seen that loud noises can cause damage to the ears because my grandpa was always surrounded by loud noises and he can barely hear now. This led me to think that when I’m older I want to be able to hear at least a good amount, leading me to balance the time I use with AirPods” Jack Church ‘23.

However, some users, especially those with narrow ear canals, have complained about pain after lengthy usage. “My first pair of AirPods was the first generation, I enjoyed the wireless way of listening to music. But I have found that for me personally my hearing has gotten worse and my ears are filled with wax which I always have to clean. Yet, I have a passion for music so I still constantly wear them but I would recommend for others to be careful of how much you use them” Senior Jackson Redfield ‘23 answered about how AirPods have affected him.

AirPods do come with a variety of ear tips in different sizes to assist ensure a secure fit for most users. A less frequent problem people have complained about is connectivity or charging problems.

The answer for the issue of AirPods ultimately relies on how you personally use them. When used sensibly and in moderation, AirPods may be a secure and practical way to take calls or listen to music while you’re on the phone, yet you run the risk of hearing loss if you listen to music at loud volumes for an extended period of time. To try and help reduce the risk of hearing damage caused by AirPods, it’s recommended that you be aware of how loud and the time spent with them in your ears. Taking regular breaks from AirPods usage and other headphones can help reduce the risk of hearing damage. Long term use of AirPods, particularly at loud volumes can permanently harm your hearing.

AirPods tiny speakers are so close to your eardrum that they can transfer sound straight into the ear canal without being filtered by the outer ears normal mechanisms. This indicates that the sound waves may be extremely powerful, possibly causing harm to the sensitive inner ear hair cells that are in charge of transferring sound to the brain. Hearing loss can develop over time as a result in Damage of these hair cells brought on by prolonged exposure to loud noises. This is why it is crucial to restrict the volume and the amount time spent with AirPods in, in order to avoid potential hearing damage.

In conclusion, if used carefully and responsibly, AirPods may be secure and a practical choice for making phone conversations and listening to mucus. But frequent usage and loud listening can damage your hearing overtime. So really watch how much you use them because it can lead to long lasting effects.