Get to Know America’s Heroes


Avia Miller

In marine training, Avia Miller prepares herself for future deployment. She is in her first year of training at 29 Palms Marine Base

Julianne Cox, Staffer

Thanksgiving is a time to be thankful for all that we have. Along with our health, family and freedom we also give thanks to the people that provide us safety and protection. This Thanksgiving my family was blessed with the opportunity to host marines for thanksgiving dinner. Before we ate I couldn’t pass up the chance to ask them a few questions about joining the marines and how their life adjusted around their service to our great nation. 

Nineteen year old Aiva Miller is a first year at Palm 29 a marine base in Palm Springs. She is still learning the ropes as she describes what inspired her to join the marines “I grew up every patriotic my grandpa served in the vietnam war and then now drives army trucks in parades in my hometown as well as gives speeches. My older brother Logan, joined the marine core and seeing him serve in the marines made me want to join as well.” The Miller family is an example of Americans who come from generations of military involvement. 

Some history about Palm 29 marine camp, it is the largest United States Marine corps base Evelyn Lara is serving her first year in training she describes her enrollment in the marines “Being a marine has been a positive experience. I have felt myself become more mature and more responsible.” After her service she hopes to gain lots of experience, “Because of my time and service I hope to receive a lot of certifications that will help me be successful in the future.”

 As high school students we are thinking about many options for our future, being a marine can be a great opportunity to serve and gain free college education. Avia Miller describes the advantages young people may take into consideration when joining the marines, “Anyone considering joining should think about the benefits of college classes, and different courses you can take such as financial courses and other life skills.” Being a marine comes with many surprises, something Evelen Lara describes her journey starting training “The marine core is so diverse you meet many people from different cultures and communities that I never imagined I would be friends with.”

Being a marine is a great opportunity to serve our country while also getting a college education. Everyone considering being a marine should look into the pros and cons before deciding if serving is the right choice for you! For some it is a great commitment that can teach responsibility and leadership skills.