The Real Facts: A Quick Spiel on the Transition to College

One last click…. immediately there is a sense of relief after that final college essay is submitted. One more student status update…even more relief is upon the college acceptances. Finally, of course, committing to a University is a reassuring position that the next chapter of your life has a spine to its story.

Many people discuss this preparation and commitment process openly but once the deposit is down, it does not end there. As a senior El Cid writer, I found value in expressing the process of what exactly this experience has been like. Yes, the hard part is done but in our generation the social race begins.

Let’s start with finding a roommate. Most colleges now have an Instagram class page for that year. You submit as many pictures that show who you are and attach your intended major and things you enjoy. This is usually where you mention whether or not you plan on rushing, your interests and your hobbies. I am in the middle of the process currently and have had my fair share of small talk with numerous girls, hoping one will finally be a “perfect match,” just like in The Bachelor.

Some of your friends might have built in roommates that they can automatically start planning their dorm with. While others might just find one sooner than you do. The truth is, it becomes more stressful than it needs to be.

One thing that my brother, who is currently a junior in college, told me was not to worry about finding the perfect roommate. For the worse or for the better, everyone will find something they might not enjoy about rooming with their person. You go from having your own room and space to an even smaller space that is shared. So, it is okay! Everyone is going through it.

My best advice is to follow everyone you see as a potential roommate or friend on social media. This places you one step closer to a talking point when you see them in person. One mistake I made was not trying to cause pressure by asking people if they already had a roommate before starting to go in depth on getting to know them (noting that I started the process a little later). This led to me being very confident that I would be rooming with this person since we connected and got along so well. Turns out, I did not get “the rose” by the end of the night. I had to restart back to step one since they actually did have a roommate all along.

Outside of finding a roommate, of course there is the whole process of designing your dorm room. This process is a little more emphasized for girls or even anyone who gets a kick out of designing a new space. If you are anything like me, I love a very clean and organized look. Usually I resort to neutral colors, like a white, and then add a splash of color here and there to add some personality. The reason why I love the idea of a clean white look is because the room is already small so it cultivates a much more open space. Less is more! However, look on

Pinterest and start your boards and color pallets you like to make it feel like home to you. In fact, if you have a roommate in time, you could even begin to coordinate with them and make the whole room look as one.

Another thing to note is randomized selection. If you do not find your roommate in time, do not stress. The school will pair you with someone with a similar lifestyle as yourself. Whether you turn out to be best or surface level friends, it will be just fine. You do not have to spend every second with them. In fact, with a busy day of classes, social lives and campus involvement, you might just see them when it’s time to sleep.

Social media loves to warp the concept of how certain situations actually are. We have known this. We have known that what we see on social media does not necessarily show the blood, sweat and tears someone goes through.

College might seem intimidating, essentially it is much larger and more work as you prepare for the real working field after it. However, just like how it did not appear permanently big and scary to your eighth-grade self as it does now to your senior self is exactly what will happen in the next four. This transition from nerves to comfort shows you have grown and know how to adapt. So stay strong my fellow seniors!