Who takes the title?

An inside look at where 2020 lies on the list of worst years in history.

Infographic by Jenna Crowley

Many people across the globe have heard or read a particular sentence at least once in these last few months:

“2020 has been the worst year ever.”

This phrase summarizes the apparent trauma the start of the decade has wreaked upon the world, including the devastating Australian wildfires, the impending coronavirus pandemic, and even the tensions between the United States and the Middle East that sparked worry over a possible World War III.

With a majority of the globe currently on lockdown, it’s difficult not to examine these events and wonder how calendars are telling us that it’s still only May. The title of Worst Year Ever seems to fit the bill quite nicely based on how one’s quality of life has been so far.

Despite an evidently bleak five months, there are a number of years past in this world’s history that have also exhibited an impact of catastrophic proportions on civilization, many which meet the caliber of those faced today.

Infographic by Jenna Crowley

If you find yourself tired of the same old 2020 news being thrown in your feed, here is a look at some other disastrous years in history to truly depict just how bad it can get.

Infographic by Jenna Crowley

While there are certainly more outstandingly devastating events in our world’s history than others, it is difficult and unreasonable to compare any one catastrophe to another for the claim of the Worst Year Ever. It is important, nonetheless, to remember the resilience of previous generations who had to face past years of anguish and disaster and take notes. Their perseverance through numerous eras of darkness and disaster serves as inspiration for the difficulties our world faces today, shining the smallest light of hope that someday soon, we may all appreciate the better years once again.