Career day connects alumni

Rebecca Madden, Multimedia Editor

The Cathedral Catholic High School alumni office will host Junior Career Day tomorrow to provide an opportunity for past students to connect with and to give advice to current juniors about possible career paths.

“It’s really great for the alumni to come back, be part of the school, and for juniors to grow on their ideas for what they might want to be or are considering for careers,” Director of Advancement and Alumni Mr. Sean Doyle said.

Students will hear from 25 different alumni during three morning talks catering to their interests and answering questions about college majors and job opportunities.

“Hearing from people also helps kind of lessen the stress of the decisions people are making now and offer them the opportunity for growth,” Mr. Doyle said. “They’ll hear from people in business who maybe majored in biology and have managed to find success no matter how their passions change.”