Incoming freshmen take HSPT

Rebecca Madden, Multimedia Editor

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In preparation for next school year, Cathedral Catholic High School administered the annual High School Placement Test on campus Saturday morning to more than 450 eighth graders with potential to be future CCHS students.

“It’s a pretty stressful time for everyone,” Director of Admissions Mrs. Elizabeth Tysor said. “We’re working really hard in admissions going through results and deciding placement. The eighth graders are anticipating the results.”

The CCHS admissions office will send out test results on March 13 along with acceptance letters, financial aid results, and other documents regarding admissions.

The process of implementing the standardized exam on campus has evolved during the past few years, and it is now different than most current students would remember.

“Rather than just sending parents away, we now invite them into the Academic Center for a hopefully enjoyable morning of learning more about their children’s future school,” Mrs. Tysor said.

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