Future Dons visit

Ellery Wakeman, Assistant Photo Editor

In order to welcome potential incoming students to Cathedral Catholic High School today, the CCHS administration, Associated Student Body, Ambassadors for Christ Corps, and Los Locos planned and held the annual Don’s Day, an event packed with welcoming activities to show off the CCHS spirit to San Diego eighth grade students.

“The day began with presentations by administrators and a few icebreaker games, and later on [the prospective students] toured the campus with CCHS Ambassadors,” Director of Admissions Mrs. Elizabeth Tysor said.

More than 60 schools visited with a total of approximately 1100 individuals attending, an increase from last year by about 25, Mrs Tysor said.

The visitors were treated with donuts and hot chocolate after a tour of campus and classroom visits, and they later attended a pep rally led by ASB and Los Locos, including appearances by the CCHS cheer team, the dance team, the drama program, the taekwondo club, and the fall sports. The rally ended with the original “This is Our House” chant.

“The turnout was fantastic, and students were able learn about aspects of CCHS such as athletics, academic, faith, and more,” Mrs. Tysor said.