Boston Celtics Playoff Rush

Matthew Schilling

With the exciting 2023 season coming to the end and the playoffs are around the corner. Learn how the Celtics plan to have a strong playoff run on Written by Matthew Schilling.

The 2022–2023 NBA season has been thrilling so far for Celtics supporters as they follow one of the most successful teams in NBA history, the Boston Celtics. The squad had a 54-24 record as of early April, placing them second in the Eastern Conference standings, just behind the Milwaukee Bucks. Let’s examine the team’s success this season in more detail.

The rise of Jaylen Brown to the status of superstar player has been one of the biggest storylines of the year. Brown has always been a reliable player for the Celtics, but this year he has significantly improved his performance. More than seven points more than his previous career best, he is averaging 26.8 points per game.

El Cid caught up with NBA fan Zack Rivera ‘23 to talk about his thoughts on Jaylen Brown’s progression: “Being able to see the rise of Jaylen Brown is quite awesome. Coming into the league he first averaged 6.6 points, but has worked hard and has been dropping an average of 25 points the past three seasons which is crazy.” Additionally, he is shooting an amazing 40.7% from three-point range and 49.2% from the field. The success of the Celtics this season has been greatly influenced by Brown’s development.

Brown isn’t the only star on the squad, of course. With a game average of 30.3 points, 8.9 rebounds, and 4.6 assists, Jayson Tatum has also been performing at an All-Star level. Tatum has recently experienced some injuries, but when he’s on the floor, he’s a formidable opponent. Tatum has frequently made clutch baskets in the closing seconds of games to seal victories for the Celtics. With a grab and a block per game, he has also been playing strong defense. Tatum was chosen to play in the All-Star game for the third time in his career, demonstrating that the league recognized his ability. He is now considered for the NBA MVP title thanks to his strong season. Tatum’s success has undoubtedly elevated him to the top of the field of candidates, despite the fact that a number of other players are also up for the honor. He will undoubtedly be one of the most crucial players for the Celtics as they try to reach the playoffs if he keeps playing at this caliber.

El Cid caught up with Max Fino ‘23, a Rec league legend, to talk about Tatum this season: “Jayson Tatum has been going nuts. I really try to model my game after JT because he is cooking kids on the court. He is a huge guy but has some of the best handles when on the court. I love watching JT play because he is an inspiration to the youth”. This season, the Celtics have also benefited greatly from the contributions of Marcus Smart, Al Horford, and Robert Williams III.

With the addition of Malcolm Brogdon from the Indiana Pacers the Celtics have had a reliable back court for most of the season. Marcus Smart always brings the intensity and amazing defense night in and night out. Grant Williams has also been able to step it up off of the bench getting good valuable minutes for the bigs.

The Celtics team is overall pretty young, but Al Horford has been a crucial veteran influence for the Boston Celtics. In addition to storing play on the court, the team has benefited greatly from his leadership and experience. Horford has played for a number of teams over the course of his ten years in the league, including the Atlanta Hawks, the Philadelphia 76ers. He has appeared in the playoffs in almost every season of his career and has been an all star five times. Horford’s expertise has enabled him to serve as a mentor to the team’s younger players, providing directions and counsel on everything from basketball tactics to career advancement.

Fans of the Boston Celtics are hoping that this will be the year when the club returns to the NBA Finals. Since losing to the Los Angeles Lakers in the 2010 Finals, the Celtics haven’t advanced that far. There is reason to think that this year’s team could make a serious run given the talent on it. The path to the Finals won’t be simple, though.

The Bucks, Nets, and Philadelphia 76ers are just a few of the talented teams in the Eastern Conference. To win, the Celtics will need to play their finest basketball of the year. What would the Celtics’ postseason push look like now that they have secured a spot in the playoffs? A few crucial elements will determine the team’s performance. They’ll need Brown and Tatum to keep performing at an All-Star level. Additionally, they will need assistance from their key players, such as Smart, Horford, and Williams.

As injuries have occasionally been a problem for the squad this season, they will need to maintain their health. The Celtics must find a means to play at their highest level each and every game. Every game counts in the playoffs, and the Celtics cannot risk any disappointments.

Sports have a rich past in Boston, and the city’s supporters are fervent about their teams. Bostonians hold a special spot in their hearts for the Celtics, who have amassed 17 championships throughout their history. With the New England Patriots winning six Super Bowl titles and the Boston Red Sox winning four World Series titles in the last 20 years, the community has recently enjoyed sporting success.

Boston’s reputation as a city of champions would be cemented by a Celtics championship, which would also be a source of pride for the club and its supporters. A title for the Celtics this year would further the reputation of Boston as a sports powerhouse. In addition, if the Celtics win, they would beat the Lakers and have the most championship rings; a rivalry going back to the beginning of the NBA.