The End?


Broadway Dan Diego Award

This year has been an eventful one full of new experiences, from new theaters to international travel! But it’s not over yet, with Broadway San Diego Awards coming up next Sunday.

The 2022-23 Drama year has been one full of surprises, curveballs, new opportunities and great things! So as the year comes to a close, it’s only fair to say a lot has happened.

Whilst reflecting on the year in review, director and teacher, Miss Wilson shares, “theatrical artists, actors, technicians, we are so hard on ourselves, like we are perfectionists in a lot of ways, and yet we have to roll with things, and be ready for anything, like if something doesn’t work, we have to try something new.”

Ms. Wilson wraps up with, “every single challenge, every single ordeal, every single thing that we thought was going to be an impossible hurdle to overcome, we overcame and more, the shows were fantastic in quality, we are back in the top mix with Broadway San Diego awards both as a school and solo performers, and that is a really tough group to crack into, and post Covid, it feels like we are finally back.”

It’s been a journey to get back! Starting with the incredible opportunity to perform at PCPA, Poway Center for the Performing Arts. This new location, and professional theater came with lots of adjusting!

Here the drama program jumped right into the year with their first play, “Lost Girl.” This play was a continuation of Wendy’s story from Peter Pan, starring Renee Velez ‘26 as Wendy, and Cort Peters ‘23 as Peter. Cathedral was the first high school in San Diego to put on “Lost Girl” as they got back into rehearsing for the year.

From here the cast and crew got set working on the first musical of the year, “Amélie,” a smaller, practically unheard of musical, based on the 2001 romantic comedy. The rehearsal process for this one was a bit unconventional, as the school theater was being redone, but for more in depth check out “Tech Week” on ElCid.

Between shows, over Spring break, Cathedral’s Drama Program took their first Drama based international trip.

And most recently Cathedral’s Drama Program put on “Cinderella” as their final musical. This show went above and beyond, with the largest cast, most costumes, most singing and visual effects this year.
To read more about any part of the year, check out the many accompanying articles on ElCid, such as Sarah Brown’s article, “Nothing is Impossible for the Drama Program.”

What a year!

But the truly wild part is that it isn’t even over yet, which brings us to the Broadway San Diego Awards. Cathedral’s production of “Amélie,” was nominated for the top three best musicals as well as our very own, Laney Norberg ‘23 for her solo performance.

Ms. Wilson shares, “When the news came out that Amélie was one of the top three, I was surprised. Initially I was shocked, then I really wasn’t very surprised at all. I know we presented something that no other high school in San Diego has done, or anything really quite like it.”

This show was new, it hadn’t done very well on broadway, but Ms. Wilson saw its potential, “It was kind of out there, and I know it wasn’t a show for everybody, and that’s probably why it was a Broadway flop, but the people who love Amélie are passionate about how much they love it.”

She continues to elaborate, “They are passionate about the story, and this unique kind of person that Amelie is, so I think that that is what got the attention of the judges, was that no one has ever done it… the mystery, the enigma, the creativity of it all is what drew them in.”

From here Cathedral will go on to perform a small sample of the show live at Balboa Theatre on Sunday, May 28, 2023. When choosing what parts of the show to perform Ms. Wilson shares, “I picked two numbers that I thought could stand alone and were very entertaining on their own without knowing what Amélie is about.”

The first song she picked was “Worlds Best Friend, which is about Amélie and her pet fish,” the second song is “Goodbye Amélie,” which is a dream where Amélie imagines Elton John coming to visit her in her apartment.”
She continues to explain, “they both are linked by the word goodbye, which I think is interesting, so that’s how I was able to put them together and I think they are a really good representation of the show.”

Alongside “Amélie,” Norberg elaborates, “Broadway San Diego, it’s a national competition, so Broadway San Diego ties into the Jimmy’s, which is the name of the national competition. So basically right now, I’ve gotten into the top 20, so ten girls, ten guys.”

From here she continues, “I’m going to first perform my character song, which is ‘In my own little corner’ from that, they will chose three girls to partake in the second round, which I sing a contrasting song, which I will be singing, ‘Vanilla Ice Cream,’ and from that, one girl is chosen, and they will go off to New York City and perform at the Jimmys.”

This is at a national level, and Norberg explains, “It’s a different level because all the people there are just as talented as I am, and they also have the same amount of drive, skill and training as I do, maybe even more. So it’s really on a different level in the sense that it’s similar to collage, everyone is at that same mindset that this is what I want to do with my life, this is what I want my career to be. It’s intense, fun and exciting all at the same time.”

As a school, we are so proud of her, and she in turn shares how “Cathedral has really prepared me for college through the massive amount of opportunities I’ve had to both perform on stage, as a character and on stage just as a vocal performer.”

She ends by sharing, “Really I have to thank the community as well, that’s what has helped me and prepared me to actually be who I am, and be comfortable in a performing environment.” We are all wishing her and the cast of “Amélie” the best of luck as they perform this upcoming Saturday the 28th.

Along with the Broadway San Diego nominees, there is also next year to look forward to, and Ms. Wilson shares that as “You’re inspired by everything that just happened, but you’re also tired, but you’re also dreaming… the best thing to do is plan for the next season, and jump into the next one!”
Assistant director, Ms. Webb shares, “I think we can expect shows that will cater to our community here at Cathedral, meaning creative and spontaneous and quirky shows that allow us to showcase our unique talents.”

Furthermore, Ms. Wilson elaborates, “We have a lot of show ideas, and we are looking at more theaters and where we are going to be performing, planning for how classes are going to go, and reinventing the Cabaret series, bringing back the playwriting festival, bringing back improv club, we have a lot of ambitions for next year, because when you’ve had a really good year, you’re like where do I go from here? And the only way to go is up!”

She expresses that “the upcoming group who wants to take on leadership, the juniors and seniors specifically are on fire, with ideas, passion and energy, and I need that, it’s a team, it’s not my show, it’s our show.”

As a team, the future of Cathedral’s Drama Program looks bright, and MS. Wilson ends with, “It was a really good year, I’m happily exhausted by it, and I am really excited. I’m looking forward to us all reenergizing over the summer, taking everything we need to recharge and refuel and then start anew in August!”