Combs V. Wallen

Country music fans across the world appreciate the variety of artists and songs that the music has to offer. Numerous artists, majorly in the United States, have risen to the top of charts and are continuously producing top-tier music. Artists from the 2000’s are still producing music; artists like Kenny Chesney, Toby Kieth, Keith Urban, Darius Rucker and Carrie Underwood. More recently on the rise, Morgan Wallen and Luke Combs, are two younger artists that are seemingly unstoppable with their success. Both artists gained immediate attraction with their hit albums.

Luke Combs started his stardom with single releases dating back to 2014. As years went by and songs of his became more and more popular, he decided to release his debut album in 2017, “This One’s For You.” Standing at 43 minutes with 12 songs, it was a massive success. Hits like “When It Rains It Pours”, “Hurricane”, and “One Number Away” were loved by his new fans as he went on to release 3 more albums after that. He is known now for mostly singing about his love for beer, weekends, and his wife. His most popular song, “Beautiful Crazy”, is about his love for his wife, told in a beautiful song.

Morgan Wallen, first seen back in “The Voice” was a young pop singer who tried his luck on “The Voice”. The artist was eliminated in The Playoffs, and decided to try his luck in country music in Nashville. His singles were an immediate hit, creating his first album in 2018 titled “If I Know Me.” He later went on to release two more albums, with his most recent (“One Thing At A Time”) rounding out at almost 2 hours with 36 songs. His most popular song, “Whiskey Glasses”, talks about his regret for ending things with a woman and needing ‘Whiskey Glasses’ to see through his pain.

Both of these artists are incredibly popular, with country haters even admitting that they know at least 2 of both of the artist’s songs. But fans today are split with who they love more. The title of somebody’s “Favorite Artist” is fairly objective in today’s world, but we can take a look at how both guys treat their fans to determine the question.

One big mark off of Morgan Wallen was a recent cancellation of his tours. On May 9th, 2023, Wallen canceled his next 6 weeks worth of shows for a throat issue. His fans were left distraught, with the possibility of the entire tour being canceled. While this news is never good for a singer, word of Wallen being out late after shows at the University of Mississippi, Oxford went around. Fans saw him stay up past 1:00 AM, with him partying in “The Grove”, a popular tailgating and party spot for many at Ole Miss. Fans were extremely upset with him not taking any health to his body, especially since he could’ve avoided this. He couldn’t even walk out on stage to apologize to the fans himself in Chicago, IL. But, this isn’t the first time Wallen has been in the limelight for bad things. He has apologized and made up for the actions in the past, but this event is not new for fans at this point.

As for Luke Combs, no truly bad news has popped up on him regarding partying late during a tour or daily life. He did cancel a few shows in the past regarding his throat, but he was able to attempt to sing a few songs for the fans that showed up for the show at the time.

While missing tours because of health and other small issues does not make one artist incredibly different from the other, fans can have opinions based on artists actions. Besides all of the bad news, these two artists have already blown up the country music scene and will continue to for the foreseeable future.