Bleached: The New Music Festival Coming to San Diego


Via WeAreTightKnit on Instagram

Bleached features an impressive lineup, with headliner Joji accompanied by big names like Pinkpanthress, Surf Curse, and Inner Wave

Music festivals have become a huge part of pop culture in the US. Coachella, which took place a few weeks ago, is one of the biggest and most well-known examples of these festivals, and blends dozens of different genres and styles of music while featuring hundreds of popular and up-and-coming artists. Specialized music festivals like Stagecoach, which is sometimes nicknamed “Country Coachella,” and Rolling Loud, a mostly rap music festival, attract fans of specific genres of music and types of artists.

Some music festivals have also become infamous for being complete disasters such as Woodstock 1999, a music festival turned nightmare that literally went up in flames on the last day, and Fyre Festival, a huge scam run in 2017 by rapper JaRule. Both of these festivals made headlines in their day for the absolute messes they were, and since Netflix has released documentaries detailing what went down at both events.

This summer, there’s a brand new music festival coming to San Diego, and it is sure to excite all indie, alternative, and R&B fans. Bleached features bands like Surf Curse and Inner Wave, with popular artists like Omar Apollo and Pinkpanthress, the small festival also boasts an impressive headliner: Joji.

Bleached Festival is run by a small company under the Instagram handle “WeAreTightKnit.” There is little information known about the event other than the expected acts, the dates, which are August 5 and 6, and the location, Waterfront Park in Downtown San Diego.

Single day passes are going for $95, which can be considered a steal considering how many artists are being advertised, however, it has not yet been revealed which performances are on which day, making it a bit of a gamble to choose between the two dates. General sale for a two day pass rings in at $195, not including added fees.

Because there is so little information about Bleached, it is hard to predict whether or not it will be a success. It seemed to come out of nowhere, and is mostly being promoted on Instagram rather than on big news platforms. It is also the first time Waterfront Park will be hosting such a large music event.

Despite the risks of Bleached being a first-time festival, there sure is a lot to get excited about, and if it’s done right, it could be one of the biggest and best music festivals San Diego has ever seen.