[Opinion] A Pirate’s Life for Me?


Lucy Miller

As the Homecoming dance nears, students try to reason with and understand why the theme selected is Pirates. Students have flippantly described said theme as something out of a “Halloween superstore” or as some kind of prank pulled by ASB.

It’s that time of year again, high schools all around the country are anticipating and getting excited for their own Homecoming dances. Cathedral Catholic is no stranger to this, especially after increased protocols caused its own 2021 Homecoming dance to be restricted for only upperclassmen.

But when the news reached students about their dance this year, their excitement about all grades being invited was short lived. A pirate theme? What does that even mean? How do our students feel? Let’s see!

“It feels more like a theme for a football game than a dance,” says Sophia Schatz 25’. This sentiment is shared among other students as well, it feels strange to have such a unique theme instead of something generic like “Ocean” or “Retro”. Themes such as those would have been far easier to dress according to and be inspired by.

Worries about how the theme impacts attendees are not the only flaws students are questioning, “I think it’s a good idea for a theme, but the potential to execute it well isn’t there,” says Joey Pierik ‘25. The worry that the theme is going to come off as tacky or “Halloween superstore like” is another critique.

A theme like this would have been better suited to a casual event where students could let out their swashbuckling side and not take themselves, the decor, or their outfits seriously. Even though that is not the case for this event, the theme will be something that helps lighten the mood and give attendees a laugh.