Daisy Jones and The Six Review

Hollywood pop culture is familiar with fame, fortune, and falls from glory. No novel best portrays this than Daisy Jones and The Six.

Daisy Jones and The Six, written by Taylor Jenkins-Reid, is a fictional novel set in the 70’s documenting the lives of famous Hollywood star and rising band, The Six. Daisy Jones is a young aspiring singer, and The Six is an initially unsuccessful rock band. However, when the voice of Daisy Jones intertwines with the modern rock persona of The Six, the band soars into success. Throughout the entirety of the novel, drug and alcohol abuse plague the characters in the novel. For Daisy, being an idolized young singer in Hollywood is nothing but lonely and full of regret. The chaotic identity of each character’s lives mesh together to create a turbulent relationship within the band.

Jenkins-Reid’s writing style immerses the reader into her storyline. Each chapter allows readers to become more engaged with the nature of Hollywood pop culture. This book was highly entertaining and easy to read cover to cover.
Upon reflection, reading Daisy Jones and The Six allowed me to achieve a greater understanding of musical culture in the 60’s and 70’s. The portrayal of drug abuse and alcoholism in the novel contradicts the common romanization of the Hollywood lifestyle. Jenkins-Reid utilizes main character Daisy Jones to depict drug addiction in the Hollywood industry. Throughout the novel, Daisy continues to grow her addiction until she reaches a point where she must either choose to seek sobriety or her drug use will cross to a point of no return.

I highly recommend this novel to anyone curious of the musical culture of the 70’s, as this book is highly immersive and relatively accurate to the time period.