Ask Arcelita: Formalities

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Ask Arcelita: Formalities

Arcelita Martin, Staff Writer

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As formal draws near, I’m terrified of not being asked to formal. As a girl, I have to wait around and hope that a guy will ask me out to the dance. It sucks! How do I get a guy to ask me to formal? How do I deal with not being asked?

Watching the clock more intently than Cinderella, girls, myself included, find themselves in search of their prince charming for the night of ASB’s Winter Formal.

Often in the midst of the wait for a knight in shining armor, we tend to forget about the night itself. Formal requires an outfit that exudes the same confidence as the pop music blaring through the ballroom.

This year, you can accompany a handsome lad, or go on your own. Either way, I highly encourage you to attend. High school dances may seem secondary in people’s priorities, but they are irreplaceable. At no other point in your life will you be able to return to this opportunity – seize it.

As the clock strikes nearer to formal, I recommend you don’t wait around for a guy to ask you.

We are 21st-century girls, after all. If you have not heard through the constant chatter of the little birds buzzing around the halls that you will be asked, I beg you, do not mope. Gather your friends and a lovely dress, and go! Asking yourself “why does no one want to go with me?” is a detrimental question and a commonly found insecurity among high school girls.

Through my experience and by observing other girls, I have discovered a possible answer: timing.

The many possibilities for that reason are limitless. Maybe you know the right person, but you also know the timing is not right. Overall, this prince charming most likely is not the person you will marry, but simply the person who you will slow dance with one time in high school.

Self-confidence is one of the most attractive qualities for a girl to exhibit. Do not let your confidence falter just because you are without a corsage. Find the great happiness rooted in your situation and radiate it. You will be surprised how different a night is depending on your attitude.

So, I encourage you to not worry about how you look, what to say or who to associate with, to snag yourself a date. A date is a great company and experience; however, do not forget that you can enjoy a great time without a date, too.



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