Traveling with El Syd: 10 ways to be an explorer

Sydney Calhoun, Staff Writer

As Thanksgiving vacation approaches, Cathedral Catholic High School students may find themselves in an airport terminal or in the back of a mini van. In an effort to make their travels easier, I offer the following list to assist them in their upcoming excursions.

1. Don’t second guess yourself. Take the risk!

Life is too short to wish you would have done something. Make that dream a reality.

2. Write EVERYTHING in your journal.

Anything that catches your eye should be written down. Years from now, I hope to come across that old friend and reminisce on every adventure.

3. Always get a window seat (no matter what). IMG_1597
Whether it be a plane, car or train, the window seat is a must! Having the chance to be above the clouds or on the wide open road is a privilege.




4. Carry a Polaroid and snap away. IMG_1600
Capturing every second is essential. Vivid images that complement your journal will allow you to share what you saw and felt in that single moment.



5. Notice the little things.

The best things in life can be gone in the blink of an eye. You don’t want to miss it.

6. Ride along in every form of transportation. IMG_1596
Never turn down a chance to ride a cable car, Vespa or double decker! One day you will long for the wind to rush through your hair just one more time.


7. Catch up on your Rosetta Stone.

Learning a language is difficult, but the effort will make all the difference. The locals will appreciate your desire to immerse yourself in their culture.

8. Meet new faces.

Take the road less traveled and explore the areas that are hidden jewels. You may find someone that changes your whole world.

9. Try ALL the native food. IMG_1598

Now, food is a wonderful wonderful thing and should be appreciated for its diversity. I recommend finding local eateries in order to get a taste of the true culture.


10. Above all, get lost in the moment!

This is the most important piece of advice I have for you. Enjoy every second like it is your last. Happy travels.