A community rallies

March 6, 2020

Mr. Gilbert, though not his usual self, remembers his paranoia subsiding and the warmth he felt when his family and friends were around.

“Even though I was only about 10% conscious, I could feel [the loved ones presence], and it felt very reassuring,” Mr. Gilbert said. “In general, to know the support and prayers were there, especially when I came out of unconsciousness, felt really good.”

When returning home, Alexa also appreciated the community’s relentless outreach.

“The support from the community was insane,” Alexa said. “I just never realized there were that many people who cared about our family. People were bringing us food, and neighbors we had never met were donating clothes because my clothes were ruined in the accident. One person even donated Christmas presents since my dad was not going to be around for the holiday.”

The Cathedral Catholic High School community was particularly supportive, according to Eliza. For Aden, CCHS teachers and counselors were very cooperative to make sure Aden could focus on his family in their time of struggle.

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