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The Student Newspaper of Cathedral Catholic High School

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The Student Newspaper of Cathedral Catholic High School

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Leading the Pack: High School Leadership Explored

Leaders in Los Locos get the student section pumped at CCHS football games.

Have you ever wondered what it takes to be a leader in today’s high schools? With the new year fast approaching, applications for student leadership positions are newly available to all grades. The Associated Student Body (ASB) and Ambassadors are just two of the countless leadership opportunities that many students might not understand. This article is a deep dive into the specifics of certain leadership groups, as well as the unique and personal experiences of the leaders themselves. 

Possibly the most known leadership opportunity is ASB, or Associated Student Body. ASB students work to promote positive school culture and plan countless events including dances and sports rallies.

Lola Wesling, a sophomore member of the student body, explains that an important aspect of being a leader is “to be a role model, people need the ability to work with anyone and show others what is expected of them.”

She continues to explain that one of her favorite moments as a leader was at the fall prep rally, “I used many leadership skills to lead the school in spirit games. This was important to me because it helped bring the school community closer.” Leadership empowers individuals to cultivate skills such as confidence, communication, and problem-solving. 

Another leadership opportunity on campus is Ambassadors, which works to promote the school to prospective students and the wider community through tours and enrollment events. 

Julia Sindici, a sophomore Ambassador shared that she was inspired to become an Ambassador because “In eighth grade, I was shadowed and had a very good experience… I wanted to help give that same experience to other eighth graders.” Often, leaders are inspired by the people before them which demonstrates the importance of creating positive environments for future students.

Sindici shares that “leadership improves the school community because it is important to see peers as leaders.” She elaborates by explaining that “seeing peers as leaders makes the community feel closer and that anyone can have an impact.” 

A second sophomore Ambassador and JV Dance Team captain, Leandra Liem explains that “leadership improves the school community because it allows some members to have a role model, and others to have an opportunity to showcase skills.” Leim explains that leadership not only shapes the academic environment, it also improves the atmosphere of the school community.

To conclude, these student’s experiences shed light on the importance of leadership within their community. Leadership improves students’ adaptability, compassion, and resilience which creates more opportunities for students as adults. Whether you are already in a leadership position or aspiring to be, take the initiative to improve your community and make our school a place where everyone is involved, valued, and empowered.

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Pearl Smith
Pearl Smith, Student News Editor
Hi, I’m Pearl Smith and I am a sophomore. I am very passionate about the CCHS community and love learning about everything! I love meeting new people and connecting with people who share their stories and experiences. I enjoy reading, traveling, hanging out with my friends, and dancing. I love journalism because I love learning new things, writing and sharing my opinion and information about important topics, and connecting with unique people/

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