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The Student Newspaper of Cathedral Catholic High School

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The Student Newspaper of Cathedral Catholic High School

Dons Press

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CCHS Welcomes a New Lunar Year

Hong-An Phan
Students line up to receive various types of dumplings offered by members of the National Chinese Honors Society and Chinese Culture Club. Festive lanterns hang from the red tents, in celebration of a day filled with joy and laughter.

Festivities and cultural celebrations have been promoted all across campus this past week in anticipation of the beloved holiday, Lunar New Year. Clubs and organizations revolving around Asian culture have been hosting various events and activities for students to immerse themselves in international holidays.

On Tuesday, February 6th, the Asian Culture and Appreciation Club, led by Tiffany He ‘24 and Anneliese Fiegl ‘24, held a meeting to discuss the history and traditions of the Lunar New Year. Club members were invited to participate in a Kahoot and eat fortune cookies, where tiny slips of paper foretold their fates for the upcoming year. The classroom of Cabrini 105 bustled with warmth and laughter as they shared stories over the lunches and sought refuge from the rain. 

Although the clouds continued to thunder, students were welcomed onto campus with a Chinese prayer over the speakers on the morning of Friday, February 9th. 

Later in the afternoon, students may have heard thunderous drumming echo throughout the halls. The San Diego Legendary Lion Dance Association was hosted by the school to perform a traditional lion or dragon dance, which is meant to bring luck. Red envelopes were passed out to students, some of whom might have placed them back into the mouths of the lions. Tables decorated with vibrant lanterns were lined with festive treats such as chicken dumplings for students to partake in and enjoy this momentous occasion. The National Chinese Honor Society had partnered with the Chinese Culture Club to host this celebration at lunch. 

Across the plaza, tables with three different activities are set up for students to interact with. These activities included a photo booth, designing porcelain, and chopstick games. 

As Cathedral Catholic High School makes way for this new lunar year, the establishment prioritized the encouragement of cultural celebrations and representation. Students of Asian descent recognized the familiarity of these traditions and appreciated the laughter that arose from the events. 

Prosperity, happiness, and longevity were the three main hopes presented on the banners for the New Year. With the many preparations put into place, there is no doubt that from this rainy week, Cathedral Catholic will continue to see bright days for the times ahead. 

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About the Contributor
Hong-An Phan
Hong-An Phan, Editor in Chief
Native to San Diego, Hong-An Phan is a Co- Editor in Chief for Dons Press. After three consecutive years as part of the staff, Hong-An is looking forward to writing compelling articles that connect and touch many. She hopes that her craft excites those around her and sparks a curiosity about the world around them. Outside the walls of her Journalism III Honors classroom, Hong-An can be found trying new food places, shopping with her friends, cooking fusion foods with her sister, or reading a book from her collection of 90+ novels that she is very proud of.

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