The Student Newspaper of Cathedral Catholic High School

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The Student Newspaper of Cathedral Catholic High School

Dons Press

The Student Newspaper of Cathedral Catholic High School

Dons Press

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Γεια σας (Greek: “Hi”) Ms. Bellows

Sarah Brown
Ms. Bellows joins the Dons community to finish the 2023-2024 school year! Her vibrant personality and exciting interests makes her an outstanding asset.

When a position in Cathedral Catholic High School’s (CCHS) English department unexpectedly opened during the semester break, Khriseten Bellows swooped in to aid the English students. With her expertise in philosophy and linguistics and a strong pursuit of creativity, Ms. Bellows has much to offer the CCHS community in her first semester as a Don. 

Outside of the classroom, Ms. Bellows is passionate about an array of artistic interests, including calligraphy, bookbinding, illustration, painting, and authoring. In college, she trained as a student-athlete in both soccer and lacrosse, and even went on to play lacrosse at the international level. 

In addition to these outlets of expression, Ms. Bellows has an unwavering passion for teaching, which she is pursuing for the 28th year, “I started out in Pre-K, which I absolutely loved. I got to work with students with neurological disabilities, then I jumped to fourth grade… I took on middle schoolers … but most of my professional life [17 years] had been in high school.”

Most recently, she taught collegiate-level courses. This span from Pre-K to adults allowed her to panoramically analyze the developmental stages of learners. Grounded in this knowledge, she finds herself in a high school once again, equipped with individualized teaching techniques. 

When weighing the techniques that build writing skills, she falls upon two: confidence and experimentation. She intends to prepare her students through “lots of daily writing,” and advises, “Through that practice, you gain a lot of confidence, and learn ways you can experiment to test yourselves.”

Even for students who have other academic interests, this push toward creativity can “help the logical, analytical mind.” As a teacher of high school seniors, Ms. Bellows caters her curriculum to prepare incoming college students.

“I knew I wanted to be with people and I wanted to help others. When I got into teaching, I realized that this was it for me,” Ms. Bellows says. Fueled by this passion, she followed her heart across the globe to teach in Italy, Greece, and Brazil, which allowed her to further compare educational systems across cultures. 

With a strong background in Greek and Greek philosophy from her time studying in Athens, she hopes to allow “Greek to permeate not only [her students’] language, but the love of their language” at CCHS. Her first lessons deepened students’ understanding of Greek roots, helping them to understand literary appeals and linguistic tools. 

Ms. Bellows is constantly brainstorming ways to bridge her interdisciplinary interests. Her creation of an international short-story class— at a previous high school— did this seamlessly. She reveals, “I adore traveling, but usually if you’re in a year-long school like this you can’t travel that much, so we did a virtual tour around the world to nine different regions.” This allowed her students to learn the languages, history, politics, and culture first, then dive into the writing. 

Though Ms. Bellows’ teaching career allowed her to cross-reference educational systems across the world; she appreciates the uniqueness of Cathedral Catholic’s community. “The students struck me immediately as very receptive, open-minded and willing to talk. Administration was also very welcoming when I started teaching here,” Mrs. Bellows says. 

With the second semester officially underway, it is clear Ms. Bellows is acclimating well to the new environment. The CCHS community is so lucky to have someone as well-rounded and educationally layered as herself. 

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About the Contributors
Brooke Quirarte
Brooke Quirarte, Editor in Chief
Brooke Quirarte is in her senior year at Cathedral Catholic High School and her third year at Dons Press. Brooke was the head of Social Media her sophomore and junior year, and is now leading the newsroom as Co-Editor in Chief. Whether it is covering socio-economic issues, mental health, or human rights, you will see Brooke working to shed light on marginalized voices through each article she publishes. In her junior year, Brooke and her peers, Hong-An and Sarah, founded the book review column, Dons Reads. Within Dons Reads, Brooke focuses on learning from banned books, as she values the controversial issues these literary works illuminate. Outside of the newsroom, Brooke is leader of Kinder Reads, a club that writes stories for elementary schools. In her free time, Brooke enjoys hiking, going to the beach, and spending time with friends and family.   
Sarah Brown
Sarah Brown, Editor in Chief
Sarah Brown. Cheerleader, journalist, and vegan. Sarah has three siblings, all in college and her sister attends Colorado State University. She failed drivers test this summer so watch out! (Just kidding!) Green Yerba Mates make her feel reborn as she drinks them everyday at school. Sarah loves purple so much she had an attachment at a young age, making her feel obligated to continue such liking. At home she has a giant, slobbery Pitt Bull that her dad named Buddy. However, Buddy is not alone. Kiwi is their cat that they just recently added to the Brown family. As an Ambassador for Christ Sarah was inspired to continue to serve outside the school community. She babysits a two year old and a five year old. She hopes to continue her love for journalism by perusing it in college, whether it be as a lawyer or even writing her own book!  

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