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The Student Newspaper of Cathedral Catholic High School

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The Student Newspaper of Cathedral Catholic High School

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Snowfall Soiree: Dance Team’s ‘All Wrapped Up Christmas Spectacular

Alexa Huey
Junior Varsity and Varsity dance team coming together before the show!

A red velvet curtain unveils, a luminous spotlight glistens on the stage, the Christmas music cues, and the magic commences as the dancer hits their beginning pose. Cathedral Catholic wasexcited to welcome a magical start to the holiday season with a winter dance concert in its Guadeloupe Center Theater. As these young artists took the stage, the atmosphere was filled with spins, twirls, and rhythmic magic. 

As the air outside turned a little crisper, the National Grand Champion dance team was prepared to transport their audience to a world of winter wonder through the artistry of movement and music. This performance was not only a dance concert

Seniors Gianna Mojonnier ‘24, Sofia Mah ‘24, Lauren Hackley ‘24, Sara Vaplon ‘24, and Jordan Fleming ‘24 gather together before the show. (Alexa Huey)

but a celebration of the holiday season, and a showcase of the dedication and skill these students have poured into their routines. With tireless rehearsals and unwavering commitment, the dance team had fine-tuned their choreography, creating a captivating performance that promised to dazzle at the winter dance concert. 

Emma Arredondo ’24 expresses that her “love” of attending the dance team concert annually is because “it is so inspiring to see such a young group of girls have such professionalism and passion for the sport.” The “professionalism” of the JV, Varsity, and Competition team showcased at the concert is curated by the head coach, Niki Lucia, as well as assistant coaches Alexa Huey, KC Constantine, and Kristen Hibbs. 

Regarding the congregation, Arredondo shares, “I love bringing my friends and family to see these concerts because I love to share the joy that I get from watching…this incredible experience.” Almost every seat in the Guadalupe Center is filled with companions of the dancers, including students and faculty. Inaugurally, the Winter Concert had to add an additional show day on Thursday night to compensate for the mass demand for tickets from years prior. 

The Dance Team commits to months of rehearsal to showcase outstanding talent. Bianca Santomauro, ’26, elaborates, “It takes a lot of hard work, but in the end, it’s worth it for the feeling you get performing on stage.” Furthermore, Santomauro testifies, “It is an experience like no other.” 

The dancers have the opportunity to choreograph a piece in the style of their choice to perform in the concert. The coaches assign groups of around 7-9 dancers to each pair of choreographers. Gianna Mojonnier unravels the complex process from “picking a Christmas song” to “feeling what movement fits best with the style, music, and group.” Mojonnier details, “It’s always fun to watch it come to life.” 

As the senior dancers reminisce on their past two Christmas Concerts, they share their most cherished memories from the chambers of their hearts. Lauren Hackley ’24 commemorates, “I think it’s super sad since it’s my last one, but celebrating this time with the people I love the most…makes me happy.” As the seniors begin the next chapters of their lives, they’re reflecting on the “lessons learned,” and the “bond” they’ve created with the team curated around the concert Jordan Fleming ’24 expresses. The seniors manifested their motto “last time best time” going into the concert, making the performance the “best one yet,” which Gianna Mojonnier ’24 articulates. 

Behind the scenes of the “best one yet,” the team’s Christmas traditions unify the girls to the same mindset and unbreakable bond. Winter concert provides the first opportunity in the season for the team to “all come together” in a “bond with all the girls from Junior Varsity to Varsity…and with the coaches,” rookie Pearl Smith ’26 details. Lauren Hackley’s ’24 favorite “team bonding moment” is the “secret sis exchange,” where all teams “exchange pajamas and wear them while getting ready.” The annual exchange strengthens the bond portrayed on stage. 

I hope you settled into your seat, letting the holiday spirit fill the air, and were swept away. By the season’s magic, Cathedral Catholic’s dance team set the stage aglow with their Winter Concert. A dazzling display of talent and festive joy was the cornerstone of this Christmas season. 

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Tiana Owens
Tiana Owens, Staffer
I’m Tiana Owens! I am 17 years old and currently a senior here at Cathedral. I’ve done many sports growing up such as dance, gymnastics, track, and then started volleyball in 6th grade where I fell in love with the sport. I am on the girls varsity volleyball team and I’m committed to play D1 volleyball at Colgate University in New York. I am also a member of NHS and part of an organization called Sprites which is a mother daughter organization that helps volunteer around the community. In my free time I enjoy spending time with my friends and going to the beach. I also love to read and travel, and my favorite movie is Princess and the Frog.
Sofia Mah
Sofia Mah, Staffer
Hi! I’m Sofia Mah and my passion lies in human connection, dance, creativity, and nature. Journalism is my outlet for amplifying the voices of marginalized individuals and communities, forging profound connections with people to tell their stories authentically. Through my writing and passions, I aim to create a more empathetic world where diverse voices are heard.

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