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The Student Newspaper of Cathedral Catholic High School

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The Student Newspaper of Cathedral Catholic High School

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A Rising Moon With ACAC

The Asian Culture and Appreciation Club opens up a new school year with a historic celebration.
Hong-An Phan
Anneliese Fiegl ‘24 and Tiffany He ‘24 pictured at the Cathedral Catholic High School Club Week. The two leaders promoted the Asian Culture and Appreciation Club.

When the golden moon is full and the wind has a faint chill, East and Southeast Asian families gather around their tables to appreciate the harvest. On the fifteenth day of the eighth lunar month, countries such as Cambodia, China, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, and Vietnam celebrate the Mid- Autumn festival by releasing lanterns, eating mooncake, and enjoying cultural festivities. 

The Asian Culture and Appreciation Club, led by Tiffany He ‘24 and Anneliese Fiegl ‘24, hosted their first club meeting on Monday, October 2nd in commemoration of this holiday. Their goal was to share and celebrate the special occasion by informing club members of the holiday’s revered history. 

According to the club’s presentation, “the origin of this festival is that the Chinese emperors in the Zhou dynasty worshiped the moon in Autumn. They did this so that next year’s harvest would be extra abundant.”

Members were also invited to share watermelon amongst their peers as it is one of the traditional foods eaten in celebration. According to the club’s presentation, other foods include: mooncakes, duck, pumpkin, river snails, hair crabs, and taro. 

He ‘24 explains, “ACAC’s purpose is to explore and celebrate Asian culture through presentations, service projects, food, and conversations with each other. We want to foster a safe space, full of acceptance and comfort, for people of all backgrounds, but especially for the Asian Americans on campus. We hope to be actively involved in on-campus events such as Trunk Or Treat, to create merchandise, and elect new leaders to take over next year.”

Fiegl ‘24 adds, “Asian Culture Appreciation Club strives to encourage a sense of unity among the Asian-American students while inviting all students to explore and cultivate their interest in Asian culture. Our goals are to encourage the spread of awareness and create a sense of community between all students.”

The Asian Culture and Appreciation club has deep roots within Cathedral Catholic’s club community. It was founded in 2021 with a published mission statement that reflects the current leaders’ ideas. Their monthly meetings highlight service projects specific to the Asian community. Members create meaningful friendships, intertwined by their shared interest in celebrating foreign cultures.

With the Mid-Autumn Festival being a celebration of family and community, the CCHS Asian Culture and Appreciation Club has chosen the perfect event to open a new year with a focus on student connection. As in custom of the ancient Chinese emperors, the club has celebrated the moon in the autumn so that next year’s harvest may be “abundant.”

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About the Contributor
Hong-An Phan
Hong-An Phan, Editor in Chief
Native to San Diego, Hong-An Phan is a Co- Editor in Chief for Dons Press. After three consecutive years as part of the staff, Hong-An is looking forward to writing compelling articles that connect and touch many. She hopes that her craft excites those around her and sparks a curiosity about the world around them. Outside the walls of her Journalism III Honors classroom, Hong-An can be found trying new food places, shopping with her friends, cooking fusion foods with her sister, or reading a book from her collection of 90+ novels that she is very proud of.

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