Senioritis: The Academic Epidemic


Arcelita Martin

Nicholas Turk ’16 falls victim to Senioritis in his seventh period study hall class where he is found napping on camera.

Arcelita Martin, Staff Writer

As second semester continues, a declining motivation and performance amongst the senior class plagues the Cathedral Catholic High School Dons once again.

This crippling disease that leeches on to soon-to-be-graduating seniors is widely known as Senioritis. Symptoms include a complete disregard for dress code, deception of time, inability to study and repeated absences.  

“It’s been the longest week of my life,” Mimi Burbank ’16 said on Monday.

Mackenzie Davey ’16 claims religious observance for her uncompleted assignments.

“I’m giving up homework for Lent,” Davey said.

Due to recent weather conditions in San Diego, Burbank has found the dress code more difficult to comply with, making it even harder coming to school in dress code.

“I was so lazy, I never took my pajamas off. I just put my skirt over them and left for school,” Burbank said.

A number of seniors have found that attending school is getting more difficult as the semester continues.

“I’ve been absent 70 percent of the time so far this semester,” Montana Duggan ’16 said.

Will Howard ’16 has prepared a coping mechanism to deal with the extreme exhaustion and lack of interest he has at school.

“I have been bringing a pillow to school as often as I bring a calculator,” Howard said.

Senioritis, despite all new technologies, has reigned inescapable in the past decades, and the “senior dilemma” is predicted to remain.

“Senioritis is an excuse,” Mr. Tom Rickling ’85, Math and AP Economics teacher of eleven years, said.

However when revisiting his days as a second semester senior, “I must’ve had a little [senioritis],” Rickling said, “Everyone suffers to a different degree. I’m sure I wasn’t immune.”

The only known cure to Senioritis is graduation, and the time is dwindling to 84 days until seniors sport their white cap and gown.

From sporting events to concerts to simply grabbing food with friends, students find alternatives to spending their time studying. As there is no antibiotic to Senioritis, solely a precautionary note can be left: juniors beware.