Coming Home for the Dons

A yearly event that every student past and present look forward to, Homecoming marks the first official event of the school year. This week’s themes, the big game on Friday, and ending it with the dance on Saturday, so many students are excited to celebrate this week.

Alumni provide so much more for this week than people give credit to. Coach Doyle and Ms. Anne Majer sat down with El Cid to discuss the deeper meaning into what this week’s deeper meaning is.

“This week is the 50 and 60 year reunion for the class of 1972 and 1962,” says Doyle. “When those football players step on the field, they represent 60+ years of Dons history. They’ve created what we have now by their actions and what they’ve done for this school”

This week’s game provides a portal for years of Don alumni to enter in and remember what it was like to attend Uni/Cathedral. This game brings them back to their teen years, watching Friday Night Lights and hanging with old friends.

Mrs. Majer also talks about the Luau that takes place before the games: “It isn’t limited to alumni, everybody is welcome”. She states that “600 people sold out in a snap, so we had to increase it to 700, which sold out even faster.” The amount of support that still comes from generations of Dons shocks them both to this day.

This homecoming week may only seem like a dance and a football game to some, but to others it provides a way for thousands of people to come back home, Cathedral Catholic High School.