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Registration open for 2011 Summer Sports Camps

Andrianna Yeatts, Editor-in-Chief

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Registration is now open for Cathedral Catholic’s fifth annual Summer Sports Camps.  Each camp costs $200 per person and is available for students from third grade through senior year of high school.

Each camp is five days long, and camp times range from morning, afternoon, and evening.  Youth sports that are available for children under twelve years of age include Dance Youth, Football Youth, Boy’s Basketball Youth, Tennis Youth, and Volleyball Youth camps.  Girl’s and boy’s Soccer, Basketball, Baseball, Field Hockey, Track and Field, and Rugby camps are offered to students from third to twelfth grade.  Other programs are offered for eighth and ninth graders, specifically.  Tennis, Track & Field, Rugby, and Strength & Conditioning are co-ed camps.

CCHS Summer Camp Director Mr. Ron Marquez, who is also the head varsity tennis coach, has two past years’ experience as director.  According to Mr. Marquez, his job as Director entails “answering a lot of questions from parents and organizing all the participants, ordering t-shirts, and making sure all the facilities and staff are ready to go.”

All the camps are headed by Cathedral’s head sports coaches and some assistants.  Some past and current student athletes work with them.

Mr. Marquez said, “We are fortunate to have a lot of long-time coaches that have a great reputation in their sport, so we get a lot of youngsters and high school students from different areas and schools.”

Though the camps offer a unique training experience, they are not required as part of any CCHS sports program.  “Camps are just that – camps,” he said.  “These are not a requirement for any sport here at CCHS but they are a great way for incoming freshmen to meet some of their classmates and get to know some of the coaches and staff.”

According to Mr. Marquez, Girl’s Volleyball is the most popular camp.  He said, “It’s such a popular sport in San Diego and so many girls play it.”  In past years, he has even had to limit the number of volleyball campers.

“Our track camp is very small and geared towards younger kids and getting them interested in the sport,” said Algebra 2/Trig Honors teacher and Cross Country and Track & Field coach Mr. Dan Geiger, who was Summer Camp Director in years past.

Though he does not use the summer camp as a way to train current athletes, Mr. Geiger said, “The biggest benefit to all the summer camps is to get kids on our campus and see the facilities we have.”

Mr. Marquez encourages students of all ages to participate in the summer program.  He said, “It gives them something to do over summer and keeps them active in a sport.”

Both Mr. Geiger and Mr. Marquez encourage freshmen to enroll in the summer program. “It would be a great way to get to know the CCHS campus and meet some of their classmates,” Mr. Marquez said.  “It helps them get some familiarity with coaches and other students, so they don’t get so overwhelmed during their first weeks here at CCHS.”

Those interested in registering for a sports camp should visit the Athletics page of Cathedral Catholic’s website.  The Summer Sports Camp Registration form can be filled out completely online.  There is no deadline for registration – walkups are allowed on the first day of any camp.  Any further questions should be emailed to Mr. Marquez at [email protected] or phoned to (858) 523-4000 x 1152.

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Registration open for 2011 Summer Sports Camps