Santa Claus


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St. Nicholas protects and presents children to the works of God.

Year after year, children across the world lay wide awake excited for the coming of Santa Claus, in hopes of his bearing of gifts. They imagine his reindeer flying through the sky, listening for their footsteps upon the roof. They lay out a plate of cookies and a glass of milk in thanks for Santa’s visit. But where did this tradition come from?

Santa Claus is inspired by Saint Nicholas, who traces back all the way to around 280 A.D. He was kind and allegiant, giving away all of his inherited wealth. St. Nick spent his time traveling to help the sick and poor as he became a known protector of children and the most popular Saint of Europe.

The name Santa Claus was taken from his nickname Sinter Klaas which is short for Sint Nikolass, his Dutch name. Because of his generous heart, Saint Nick was transformed into a character who bears gifts to all the children, which he would so in secret. We celebrate his feast day on December 6 and he is remembered all throughout the holiday season. The tradition of Christmas presents comes from his generosity in secret gift giving to children in need.

So, next time you write your list to Santa, ask him for that Lego set or bike, but also ask for intercession in protection, and remember what this season of giving truly means.